Travel India: 10 Things to Avoid in Rajasthan

Govt. Authorised Bhang Shop, Jaisalmer

Image Courtesy: Tom Maisey

A common feature for every travel diary, Rajasthan is a hot-spot for tourists across the world owing to the state’s rich culture and aesthetics. There are a few things one must avoid when traveling to Rajasthan.

1. Packing Troubles

Rajasthan’s weather can be inconsistent. Even though the temperature is on the higher side mostly, it could get really cold during winters. Its always recommended to pack for both the hot and the cold weather.


  • The highest temperature recorded in Rajasthan was 51°C
  • The lowest temperature recorded in Rajasthan was -0.8°C

2. Don’t let locals manipulate you

Even though most of the people in Rajasthan treat you as one of their own, don’t let a travel guide lead you to shops owned by their friends or relatives. If they’re claiming to get you cheaper deals, its probably because they will get a commission for it and could mislead you to buy a fake thing.


3. Don’t settle for more

The shopkeepers in Rajasthani markets are opportunists. They will not shy away from quoting a high price for tourists to make more profits from you. It is always recommended to bargain and never agree to the first price offered by the shopkeeper.


  • Sadar Baazar in Jodhpur is famous for its collection of utensils and kitchenware
  • Johri Baazar is famous for traditional jewelry collections

4. Avoid street vendors

It is always better to go to stores with a government certification for genuine handicrafts and other products, since they can assure you about the authenticity of the product, which isn’t the case with street vendors.


  • Markets in Alwar are famous for Kagzi Pottery
  • Markets in Jodhpur are one among the most popular shopping destinations in India

5. Avoid dressing inappropriately

The people belonging to Rajasthan are slightly conservative, which is why it is necessary to dress appropriately. Clothes which are not too revealing is advisable to be worn. Most temples do not allow people in shorts and half sleeves.


  • Traditional Rajasthani clothing has been designed to make the person feel comfortable
  • Ghagra-choli and Dhoti are made from cotton

6. Keep safe from animals

Rajasthan is famous for its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, which is why certain etiquette needs to be maintained around them. Feeding animals, throwing things at them can be dangerous. Elephant and Camel tours should be done under supervision.


7. Avoid superstitious gatherings

Rajasthani people are religious and tourists often fall prey to many superstitions. They perform acts of superstitions in public to draw attention to themselves. Avoid such gatherings as there are chances of getting physically hurt.


8. Avoid fake saints and priests

It is not advisable to take offers of spiritual advice and remedies from quacks, the so called ‘god men’ and saints, considering the fact that there is no way to distinguish the genuine ones from the crooks, who are just looking out to trick you and make money.


9. Try to learn the language

Avoid relying only on your travel guides for communication. It also helps to know the language, so that strangers and shopkeepers don’t try to take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the place and language.


10. Food specifications

The food that Rajasthani’s consume is usually spicy, hence it is important to explain your tastes and specifications to them. It is also safer to drink bottled water and eat well cooked food from a clean and hygienic place to avoid falling sick.


One can only be too careful in a place like Rajasthan. At the end of the day, all tourists want is to enjoy their vacation and safely return home.

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