Travel India: 10 Things to Avoid in Kerala

into the deep blue sea.... Vizhinjam Mosque.

Image Courtesy: Arun Jr

Even with its picturesque locations and near-perfect climate, Kerala does have its own flaws; however, these flaws should not affect your plans to travel, if you are prepared before-hand with a ‘Plan-B’.

1. Drinking Water

As a tourist, it is best if you avoid tap water in Kerala wherever offered. It is recommended you drink only sealed bottled water. Although most of the restaurants offer packaged water in their jugs, carrying your own water will be the safest option on deck.


  • Kinley, Aquafina are brands that offer safe, bottled water
  • The price of a bottle of water starts from 20 INR

2. Heavy clothing

As the climate is humid during the summer season in Kerala around May, packing heavy clothing will only add to the discomfort quotient and shorten the packing space. Clothing made from material like cotton or linen will offer you the needed comfort to last in Kerala’s heat.


  • Average annual humidity is 72%
  • Highest recorded humidity is seen in June at 82%

3. Skirts and High Heels

Addressing specifically to women, the Indian society isn’t very comfortable with short clothing on women. Avoid stares and glares by wearing jeans or long skirts. As you might have to do a lot of climbing up and down the stairs, high heels are to be best avoided


4. Being Late

Always try to be on time or around the time. Have a good night’s sleep and get up early. The people of Kerala, unlike most states of India, value their time a lot. If you have a houseboat reservation or have a cab booked, ensure that you stick to the time as the people on the other end will too.


5. Prescriptions

Another primary requirement is travel prescription. Medicine in India is not need-based but based on a formal doctor’s prescription. Pharmacies in Kerala strictly maintain a prescription-only means of issuing drugs/medicines.


  • Majority of the medicines are sold in India based on their brand names
  • Check for active drug compounds in medicines and look for available alternatives

6. Traveling in the heat

There is a lot of humidity in Kerala’s summer. This may not be a great time for any form of traveling for small children, or for adults who have small babies, neither is it a good time for old people who might badly strain themselves in the process.


  • Padamnabhan Palace and Shri Thiruvallur Statue require you to climb a lot of stairs
  • Vivekanand Memorial requires a lot of walking to cover distance from point to point

7. Messing with Mosquitoes

As the climate is humid, Kerala can be regarded as the land of mosquitoes looking for opportunities to suck blood in the slightest chance. A mosquito repellent in the room or applying body cream to keep these predators off is your best defense against them.


  • Mosquito repellents
  • Odomos cream is one of the most famous mosquito repellent body creams available

8. Don’t Litter

The people of Kerala take pride in their tidiness and maintenance skills. This is evident in their public places including their railway stations. With separate dry and wet waste collection boxes, they segregate the’re garbages and take it very seriously.


9. Staying in Hotels

If you restrict yourself to the comfort of the four walls of a hotel, you will only end up with a superficial experience of the state. To have the most fun, it is recommended you stay in tree houses, resorts, and houseboats. These are your best options to explore ‘God’s own country.’


10. Know your Shoe Etiquette

One thing that Indians are most particular about is the shoe etiquette, a thing rarely followed in other countries. When you’re entering the premises of any home, you take your shoes off and then enter thereafter. Similarly, while entering any religious gathering or a temple/mosque, you need to leave your shoes outside.


As a tourist, being informed can assist you greatly in your travel across Indian states, including enjoying your trip to Kerala, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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