Travel India: 10 Travel Tips for Gujarat

Uttarayan (Explored)

Image Courtesy: Bhavishya Goel

Gujarat is a state located towards the western quarter of India, the westernmost in fact as it borders the country. The state of Gujarat is referred to as the ‘Jewel of Western India’, very rightly titled considering the rich heritage and exquisite unique culture that laid the foundation for the state’s present.

1. Hire a guide

Gujarat is a large state that covers a lot of space. Touring the best places without knowing the best routes to take could get tedious. In such a situation, it is always recommended to hire a guide for tourists of the state. It is also recommended for domestic travelers who are looking to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.


2. Homework

Keep yourself informed of the state and the places you would be visiting. This will help you to avoid getting duped by certain fake tourist guides. Always check for authorization with the tourist guide and fix a quote prior to the journey.


3. Tip Right

As Gujarat is famous for its hospitality and its love for tourists, it is a common courtesy to tip people who serve for you. However, tipping the right amount is very important. Your tip range could either dishonor the service or instill a sense of complacency in the service, two things that can be avoided.


  • People to tip: Waiters, Service men, Servants
  • People not to tip: Fixed rate cab drivers, Railway porters, Beggars, Travel agents

4. Carry all documents

This one’s a no-brainer really, it is important to carry all documents with you. However, you won’t need them in the small trips and tours of the internal cities. You can keep them safe in lockers at the hotel to keep them from getting lost. The same holds for valuables and cash.


  • Stuff to carry always: Passport, Visa, Contact information of your hotel and your travel guide
  • Apply for an Indian Visa

5. Medical Assistance

Medication is an absolute necessity. Traveling to an unfamiliar land could disturb your body’s normalcy thereby adding to your travel woes.  Only carry absolute necessities in medicine preferably the ones on your previous prescription. As a majority of the drugs are available under a brand name here, consult a doctor for assistance.


6. Common practices

Religion plays a major role in India. In a land of over million people, there are bound to be people from various religions who follow certain practices, while some do it ardently, a few consider it with a pinch of salt. Following the rules of a place of worship, not matter how absurd, is always recommended.


7. What to wear

Gujarat’s traditional outfits are rooted to the state’s origins. They serve as a hall mark of the culture and background of the people of the state. Even in the modern times, the people of Gujarat dress in their traditional attire not only on special occasions and festivals but also when they’re attending a formal gathering, functions, etc.


8. Vaccinate

Get immunized before traveling. India is home to few of the prominent viral infections and foreigners are potentially at risk from Dengue, Malaria, and Typhoid. You can keep them all at bay by ramping your immune system’s defense. Prevention and precaution are better than cure.


9. Food for thought

Eat right and healthy food only at authorized and reputed restaurant chains. Street food might be tempting but consider it only if deemed necessary. Be careful with fruits, bakery and confectionery items, and non-vegetarian dishes.


10. Safe and Secure

Valuables and excess cash need not be carried with you at all times. It is always best to secure it in your hotel’s lockers equipped with proper locks to enhance security. Lady travelers ought to stay vigilant with the pickpockets that roam about in a crowd.


Gujarat is an extremely popular travel destination among travelers and tourists. These tips will help you succeed in completing a safe journey to Gujarat and back home. Don’t let your worries limit your experience.

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