Travel India: 10 Invaluable Tips For Your Next Trip To Mumbai, #2 Is A MUST

Gateway of India

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Mumbai is a very well-known place in India and the world. It is metropolitan city with a large number of people residing here. Mumbai is the financial capital of India as many important industries and companies are located here. Apart from that, it is also one of the important places for tourists. There are many attractive spots in Mumbai, which are really worth watching. However, one needs to know some important things while travelling to Mumbai. So, here we will look at 10 travel tips for Mumbai. There are many tourists visiting Mumbai every year.

1. Climate

The climate of Mumbai is a dry and tropical wet climate. The mean temperature in Mumbai is between 26 degree Celsius to 28 degree Celsius and temperature fluctuates in a very small range throughout the year. Mumbai receives rainfall mainly between the months of June to September. The tourists need to consider the climate of Mumbai and take necessary precautions.


  • In the month of May and June, one can sweat a little bit due to humidity and heat
  • Heavy rains cause great problems of traffic congestion on roads and railways

2. Where to Exchange Currency

Whenever you are in a foreign country, be in India or elsewhere, one of the most important issues is to get the local currency. Finding the local currency exchange is always a tough business, as there are often cheats around and in some case, you may end up with the worst exchange rates. In the following link, we give you the list of which ones are safe and authentic and give you the best exchange rates in Mumbai.


3. Beware of Mischievous Monkeys

There are certain parts of Mumbai particularly in suburban Mumbai where there is a bit of a mountainous area. Here, one can find many monkeys which are really very mischievous. They play pranks with people and one has to take extra care; if any person is carrying food items in their hands, a monkey can easily steal and trouble the person.


  • Some aggressive monkeys terrorize the people around them
  • Many of the monkeys can also be very entertaining, but be careful!

4. Money Matters

While travelling in Mumbai, the tourists always need to have an approximate calculation of the amount of money that will be needed. Some places in Mumbai, particularly hotels and also travelling via different transportation modes such as buses, autos, metro, local trains etc. can be very costly. It may lead to trouble for tourists, so keep sufficient cash in hand.


  • Five stars hotels are very costly in Mumbai
  • Travelling in privately hired vehicles can be a bit costly for tourists

5. Knowledge About Local Trains

Local trains are one of the most important modes of transportation in Mumbai. However, the tourists need to know that there are three local lines in Mumbai which are Western, Central and Harbour. Also, there are two classes of travel in these Mumbai locals which are First class and Second class. The first class is marked with strips on the compartments.


  • On Sunday’s some railway lines are down or slow for few hours, due to maintenance work
  • During rush hour, the trains are flooded with passengers, so beware of pickpockets!

6. Rush Hour Traffic on Roads

The Mumbai roads have heavy traffic on the roads. During rush hour, there is very high congestion on the roads. Also, during heavy rains the roads get flooded quickly, leading to the heavy traffic jams. Many roads in Mumbai are also very narrow leading to traffic jams as well.


  • There are many shortcut routes in  Mumbai, which can make the destination distance shorter
  • One needs to keep themselves updated regarding the traffic condition in Mumbai

7. Respect Public Places

One needs to be careful in public places. One cannot behave inappropriately in public places in Mumbai. Cleanliness and respectful behaviour should be kept in mind at public places, as there are always many old and young people around. Also, certain spots like the Gateway Of India, are a place of heritage and history, commanding respect by default.


  • Strict punishment is given to person behaving inappropriately in public places
  • Security is also high in certain public places

8. Carrying Visas and Necessary Documents

A tourist travelling to Mumbai needs to carry their Visa and other necessary documents compulsorily with them. There are frequent checks in certain important spots in Mumbai. So, a person without necessary documents may face problems. So, all visas and documents should be carried along at all times.


  • Travellers without Visas may face certain problems
  • Many tourist guides recommend that you carry your Visa

9. Beware of Theft

This is one of the important tips that all the tourists travelling in Mumbai should keep in mind. There are many thieves operating in Mumbai. These thieves are skilled at stealing and cheating the tourists. So, the tourists need to be very careful while interacting with unknown persons.


  • There are many cases of theft in Mumbai everyday
  • Many tourists have lost their money at the hands of thieves

10. Awesome Enjoyment on the Beaches

Mumbai is very popular for its fabulous beaches. There are many eye-catching beaches in Mumbai. These beaches are really a very nice spot for enjoyment. However, one must keep in mind that the cleanliness of beaches should be maintained. Also, it is dangerous to go deep in the sea. People feel very relaxed on these beaches. There are plenty of fast food options available on them too.


  • The beaches of Mumbai are famous all over the world
  • Girgaon Beach and Juhu Beach are the most visited beaches in Mumbai

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