Travel India: 10 Local Dishes You Must Try in Mumbai

Street food

Image courtesy: Marco Zanferrari

There are many interesting things about Mumbai and one of them is the delicious local dishes that the place has to offer. There are many mouthwatering dishes that Mumbai offers which are being eaten by local people. Here, we have a list of some of the 10 popular local dishes of Mumbai. These dishes are very popular and are being eaten by many people there and are also very popular outside Mumbai as well.

1. Vada Pav

Vada Pav is a very popular local dish of Mumbai. This food item consists of two items; one is the vada and the other is the pav (sweet bread). The stalls of the vada pav can be seen in many of the streets of Mumbai. This food item has very good taste with the green chutney and sweet chutney. Vada Pav is also one of the most affordable food items in Mumbai.


  • Vada Pav is also called  as “Indian Burger”
  • Jumbo Vada Pav is another new addition in Vada Pav

2. Panipuri

Panipuri is a very popular local dish of Mumbai. Panipuri consists of various items like potato, chickpeas, onion, chutney, etc. One can see many stalls of panipuri that are flooded by local people. This dish is one of the favorite dishes of women in Mumbai. The taste of the panipuri depends mainly on the tamarind water.


  • Pani puri near the beaches are very popular and it tastes deliciously too
  • Many of the pani puri dishes are very affordable

3. Frankie

Frankie is another local dish from Mumbai, which is liked by many in Mumbai. Frankie consists of maida roti being stuffed with the potatoes and onion fillings. The special Frankie sauce makes it more delicious. Frankie’s are very tasty. Stalls selling this dish can be seen in many streets of Mumbai.


  • New versions of Jain frankie and chinese frankie is gaining more popularity
  • The cost of these frankies varies as per the types of frankie’s

4. Bhelpuri

The list of popular local dishes in Mumbai will be incomplete without the inclusion of Bhelpuri. It is a well-known snack made out of puffed rice with tamarind sauce, vegetables, and other spices. The taste of this dish is very delicious and has a mouthwatering smell. Many youngsters are crazy about Bhelpuri in Mumbai.


  • Girgaum and Juhu beach is a very destination for Bhel Puri
  • Sev Puri and Paapdi chaat are another variants of Bhel Puri

5. Pav bhaji

Pav bhaji is a favorite dish among many in Mumbai. It is the favorite food during the afternoon period to satiate the appetite. It consists of a mix of vegetables which is a spicy curry (bhaji) and buttered bread (pav). One can eat as many pav as he wants. People of different age groups like to eat this dish.


  • The bhaaji of this dish consists of different things like potatoes, tomatoes, etc.
  • Apart from stalls, pav bhaaji is also found in small and big hotels

6. Kebabs

Kebabs are another mouth-watering local dish for the nonvegetarians of Mumbai. The nonvegetarians like to eat these kebabs with the delicious spicy taste. This dish is famous in India as well as outside of Mumbai. Many of the people in Mumbai can be seen visiting the kebabs stalls frequently.


  • There are two types of kebabs, doner kebabs and shish kebabs
  • Word kebab is originally Arabian word meaning “grilling”

7. Sandwiches

The sandwich is a very delicious and popular dish from Mumbai. This dish is known to most of the people. This dish consists of two sliced bread stuffed with different vegetable items. The tomato sauce added to the sandwich makes it very tasty. There are many options to chose from while eating a sandwich and they are toast sandwich, grilled sandwich, cheese sandwich, and many more.


  • Sandwich is one of the best non-oil dish
  • Many of the younger people are crazy for this local dish

8. Dosa

Dosa is a well-known dish for many people in Mumbai. This dish has its origin in South India; however, it is now eaten in all parts of India. Many people from Mumbai can be seen eating this dish in street corners. This dish has become the breakfast dish for many people from Mumbai


  • There are many variants of Dosa like Masala Dosa, Rava Dosa, etc.
  • The sambhar and chutney is very essential part of Dosa

9. Kheema Pav

Kheema Pav is another favorite food for many of the nonveg eating people from Mumbai. This dish consists of pav stuffed with minced meat and spices. Many people like to have Kheema pav during parties. This is a very heavy food which can satiate the appetite.


  • Kheema Pav is a very favorite dish in Mumbai and all over India
  • Road side stalls are very good for delicious Kheema pav

10. Chole bhatura

Chole Bhatura is a famous local dish from Mumbai. This dish consists of deep fried puri served with creamy masala gravy of chickpeas stuffed with onions and potatoes. This dish is eaten by many in Mumbai. The Chole Bhatura dish can satisfy the appetite of any person. This dish can be eaten in road stalls and different hotels.


  • Channa Bhatura is originated from Punjab
  • This dish is also called chola puri

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