Travel India: 10 Best Souvenirs to Buy in Andaman, #10 is totally unique!


Image Courtesy: MAURO CATEB

While roaming around and enjoying the natural beauty of Andaman, people can enjoy buying intersting souvenirs from Andaman as well. There are many attractive souvenirs, which many tourists buy enthusiastically. One can find very different items here, which can hardly be found in other parts of the world. So, here we will look at 10 of the best souvenirs to buy in Andaman. These souvenirs are really amazing.

1. Pearls and Pearl Jewellery

There are various elegant pearls and jewellery in Andaman which have become a centre of attraction for many of the tourists. There are beautiful pearls which are harvested from the sea around Andaman. The buying of these pearls has been on the rise in Andaman recently.


  • Pearl pendant is a very attractive piece
  • These jewelry are relatively costly in Andaman due to their novelty and exclusivity factors

2. Wooden Crafts

There are some nice and beautiful wood-craft items available in the Andaman Islands. One can find a variety of such pieces in Andaman. People who love such items can surely buy varied souvenirs from here.


  • Wooden pots are the center of attraction
  • Very few markets are there in Andaman for such products

3. Photo with frames

Photos with frames are another souvenir which most of the tourists like to buy from Andaman. And why not? They can get wonderful photos of the fabulous natural beauty of Andaman.  Watching the photos in their lovely frames when you are back home is a wonderful experience.


  • Beaches are the hot-spot for getting clicked
  • There are many markets in Andaman for this souvenir

4. Handicrafts

There are a variety of handicraft products available in Andaman. One can see the various art-works done by the skilful people of Andaman. Children and women tourists have a special attraction for such products. The prices of these handicraft products are also very reasonable.


  • Handicraft work done on cloth are aplenty
  • Most of these souvenirs are rare and exclusive items

5. Earrings and necklaces

These are very special souvenirs in Andaman, which most of the women would definitely like to buy or expect it from their dear ones. There are various designs of earrings and necklaces available in Andaman. Tourists are really attracted by these wonderful jewellery items in Andaman.


  • Wonderfully designed earrings and necklaces are found in many markets
  • This is the best gift that a tourist can buy for his wife or girlfriend

6. Bracelets

The bracelets are the favourite of many men in India. One can find various attractive bracelets in Andaman markets. The gold plated bracelets look awesome, tempting many of the tourists to buy them.


  • Gold plated bracelets are in demand the most
  • The price of these bracelets is reasonable

7. Woollen clothes and accessories

Various attractive woollen clothes and accessories can be found in the markets of Andaman. The climate in Andaman is a bit cold at night, so it is always recommended for tourists to have woollen clothes with them. One can find a variety of woollen clothes and bags etc. in a fantastic design.


  • Woollen bags are a popular item from Andaman that tourists buy a lot
  • There are many markets for woollen clothes in Andaman

8. Walking sticks

Walking sticks are another souvenir which some tourists buy. Its the attraction of the design of these walking sticks that make the tourist buy these sticks. Its also very helpful for the older tourists visiting Andaman.


  • Most of the walking sticks are very strong and sturdy
  • All sizes of stick can be found here

9. Nicobari mats

This is one of the most sought after souvenirs in the Andaman. These mats are of wonderful designs, with very attractive shades on them. There are a variety of mats like small, round, big mats, etc. available in the market. Tourists love to buy these mats.


  • Many of the mats are made in cottage industries
  • These mats are also not very expensive

10. Coconut shell lamp shades

Coconut shell lamp shades are one of the most beautiful souvenirs for the tourists in Andaman. One can see the wonderful design pattern on them, with beautiful shading. It looks awesome when used. Many tourists purchase this item.


  • These souvenirs are found in all the markets in Andaman
  • The price may differ from market to market

These are the 10 Best Souvenirs to buy in Andaman. Most of these souvenirs are comparatively less in price, so many tourist buy these items from here.

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