Travel India: 10 Incredibly Interesting Facts About Andaman

Seas and Trees of Andamans.

Image Courtesy: Venkatesh Katta

Andaman is one of the most interesting places in the world. There are many spots in the Andaman Islands which attract tourists from all over the world. The island is home to some of the tribal groups living here since ages. However, there are some things in Andaman that many of the people may not be aware of. So, here we will mention 10 Things to Know about Andaman. Many people may get surprised by knowing this facts.

1. Bengali, Andamanese and Nicobarese Are The Most Widely Spoken Language Here

The most common language spoken here is Bengali, Andamanese and Nicobarese. However, there are other indigenous languages too, which are spoken mostly in remote areas and tribal areas.


  • Apart from that English is also spoken by some people
  • Many Bengali people can be found in Andaman

2. Very Large Sea Turtles Are Found Here

There are many large sized sea turtles found in the Andaman. There are basically four species of turtle found here Olive Ridley, Green turtle, Hawksbill and Leatherback turtle. Many tourists like to see these big turtles.


  • Since 1977, there has been a ban on hunting turtles.
  • Many tribal people still hunt these turtles for food

3. The 20 Rupee Note Has Image Of Andaman Islands

The 20 Rupee note has the natural scenic image of Andaman Islands. It’s the beauty of this Island that is reflected on the note. The image of Andaman on the note is a matter of pride for Andaman’s people.


  • Very few people know that the image on 20 rupee note is from Andaman
  • It reflects the pride of natural beauty in Andaman

4. In World War 2, the Andaman and Nicobar Island Were The Only Indian Territory To Be Occupied By Japan

During World War 2, the Japanese forces occupied the Andaman Islands in the year 1942. They managed to hold the islands till their defeat in World War 2. Freedom fighter Subhashchandra Bose visited the island and hosted the tricolor flag.


  • In December 1943, the Andaman Island was named as “Shahid Dweep” (Martyr Island)
  • Many soldiers died in the Japanese attack

5. There Are A Large Variety Of Butterflies In Andaman

There are various species of butterflies in Andaman. Many tourists like to visit the areas where they can find these different butterflies. The natural beauty of Andaman looks stunning with these butterflies.


  • Andaman Crow, Tree Nymph butterfly, Tamil Lacewing, Kaiser-i-Hind, etc. are some of the species of butterflies
  • After the Tsunami in Andaman, there has been a decrease in butterflies here

6. Dugong Is The State Animal Of Andaman

There are many Dugongs” found in the Andaman Islands. This animal has a peculiar body shape, which looks attractive. Due to vast coastal areas in Andaman, this animal can be easily found here.


  • Dugong is also called the “sea cow”
  • One can find many Dugongs in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

7. Many Indian Freedom Fighters Were Lodged In The Cellular Jail In Andaman

Earlier during the British Raj in India, there were many freedom fighters deported to the Cellular Jail in Andaman. This Cellular Jail was one of the most secure jails in British India.


  • Freedom Fighters like Veer Savarkar and Batukeshwar Dutt were in this jail
  • The cellular jail is now a national memorial monument

8. Tribal Groups In Andaman Do Not Interact With Tourists

There are various tribal groups in Andaman like Jarawa, Onge, Sentinelese, etc. which are natives of this place since long. These tribal people never interact with tourists nor do they welcome the tourists.


  • The tourists are cautioned from visiting tribal areas in Andaman
  • The tribal people may attack the tourists in Andaman if your approach them

9. Word “Andaman” Is Derived From The Malay Language

The word Andaman is derived from the Malaya language. The Malay word “Andaman” means Hindu deity Hanuman. Very few people are aware of the fact that it is named after the deity Hanuman.


  • Andaman Island is a very ancient island
  • Andaman is an awesome place for the tourists who loves beaches

10. In Andaman Islands Commercial Fishing Is Banned

In recent years there has been uncontrolled fishing activity carried out in Andaman. This has endangered many of the different varieties of fishes, so the government has banned commercial fishing activities in Andaman.


  • There are large varieties of fishes in Andaman
  • Tourists like to watch different species of fishes here

These are the 10 things in Andaman that one must surely know. Andaman is a favorite place of many tourists.

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