Travel India: 10 Things to Avoid in Mumbai


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The Mumbai city is a very happening and dynamic city. Mumbai is the capital of the Maharashtra state and also the commercially most developed city in India. Mumbai is a also popular tourist destination all over the world. There are many of the places in Mumbai which are very wonderful and tourists are very amazed by visiting this place. However, there are some things that should be avoided in Mumbai to stay safe and proper. If a person tries doing these avoidable things then there are many possibilities of landing in trouble. These are 10 things to avoid in Mumbai, to stay safe and secure:

1. Stand outside superstars house

The superstars house is one of the most fascinating things in Mumbai. Many people visiting Mumbai surely likes watching these stars house. However, one must know that it is not easy getting nearby these stars house. People may only watch these places from a specific distance. People trying to approach closer to the star’s house may have to face the problem from security of the house.


  • The house of superstars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar are most visited places.
  • The house of most of the stars are nearby the sea shore

2. Getting inside ladies compartment by a male in a local train

The local trains in Mumbai is one of the important modes of transportation. It is very convenient and cheapest way to travel for a long distance in Mumbai. However, the males particularly should aware that while catching the trains they should always get into male compartment. Any male person entering women compartment is very fatal and can be booked for the same.


  • The women compartment are also getting very crowded in Mumbai now a days
  • Whenever you are at station waiting for train, its advicable to know where the women compartmen is there

3. Bargaining tight with the fisher-woman

The fishes is one of the favourite dishes of many of the non veg loving people. However, people who are not aware of buying the fishes from Mumbai should be cautious while bargaining with the fisher-woman in Mumbai.The fisher-woman are very stubborn when it come to reducing the price after certain level. It will be better to know the price limit of each type of fish and stop bargaining there.


  • The Mumbai fisherwoman are also aggressive in quarreling, so always remain cautious
  • Still the Mumbai fisherwoman are very kind and are always ready help the needy as far as possible

4. Teasing the third gender person

There are some places where you can find the third gender person. It is always advisable that one should not tease them. The third gender person are mostly in groups and they don’t hesitate to do embarrassing things in whole public. So if you are with your friends do not mock or make fun of them, they will reply you badly.


  • Trains, gardens and beaches are the places where there are many third gender person
  • Most of the third gender person do not trouble any person unnecessary

5. Listening anybody’s sad story

There will be many people in Mumbai, who would like to tell their sad stories to a new person. However, it is better you do not listen to their sad stories as most of them do this to take some money from them. The people tell the stories of relatives sickness, their financial trouble. Their main intention is to take some money from the person.


  • Many people have given some amount on listening these sad stories
  • One should not go to any uneven place lonley with after listening any such stories

6. Breaking traffic rules

The traffic of Mumbai is one of the hectic traffics in the world. However, be in any urgent circumstances, if you are breaking the traffic rules you will definitely land in trouble. The traffic regulators will never spare a person  not following signals. Also a person may himself have to suffer huge accident if he is breaking the traffic rules.


  • There are many CCTV cameras around each Mumbai signal that one should keep in mind
  • Never follow the footsteps of person who is breaking the traffic rules

7. Keeping wallet in back pocket

If you are from outside of Mumbai, it is better that you do not carry your wallet in the back pocket. If you are in habit of carrying wallet in back pocket, then you better be very cautious. There is lot of possibility of your wallet being got stolen. Their are many pick pockets in Mumbai who are masters in stealing wallet from back pocket, so better be very cautious.


  • Many tourist in Mumbai have come across the situation of wallet getting lost whenever kept in back pocket
  • Keeping less cash in wallet is also another thing to avoid huge loss

8. Giving 100 rupees to bus conductor

Whenever you are travelling in buses in Mumbai, you should always keep change rupees in your pocket. If you give 100 rupees note for just 10 or 20 rupee ticket, then it becomes very difficult for bus conductor to give change as they themselves are short of money. Also some irritated conductor may quarrel with you and be firm of having change rupees.


  • Best buses are convenient travelling in Mumbai
  • Some bus conductor happily give change rupees if they have with them

9. Visiting risky areas

There are some of the places in Mumbai, which can be dangerous for a stranger. Mumbai is a city which has seen many gangsters and gang wars. Some of these gangster areas are still not safe for a new person. A person may get stolen of all the valuables in these areas. Certain streets in these areas are difficult to get out. So it is advisable that you do not visit these place.


  • The places like Dongri, Dagdi Chawl in Byculla are still danger to walk in the evening and night
  • People should not carry more valuable things in these areas

10. Calling Mumbai as Bombay

This is another important thing to keep in mind that the name of this city is Mumbai. The earlier name of this city was Bombay, which is now renamed as Mumbai. Any person living in Mumbai will not like calling this city as Bombay. So it is better that this city is called by this wonderful name MUMBAI


  • The brand Mumbai is well-known all over the world as commercially important city
  • Mumbai name can simply generate a great spark in the minds of people

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