Travel India: 10 Best Places to Visit in Andhra Pradesh

Somewhere on Tirupati

Image courtesy: Prince Roy

Andhra Pradesh is an Indian state which lies in the South Eastern part of the country. Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh. The major language spoken in this region is Telugu and Urdu is also spoken is some of the regions. Andhra Pradesh is gifted with a rich natural environment. Towards the east of Andhra Pradesh lies the Bay of Bengal sea. This region is culturally very rich. Many tourists come to Andhra Pradesh as this place has some nice caves, hills & valleys and most importantly there are many pilgrimages here. There are many wonderful places for tourists here. Let us see the 10 Best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh:

1. Tirupati

Tirupati is very famous all over the world for the great Balaji temple. Many people come to this place with great devotion to visit the Balaji Temple. This place is very important from a cultural and religious point of view. Every year there is an increase in the number of tourists who visit the Balaji Temple. The tourists also like visiting other temples. museums , waterfalls and more.


  • All the major Hindu festivals like Sankranti, Mahashivratri, Krishna Janmashtami, Ganesh festival are celebrated here enthusiastically
  • Talakona Waterfalls is another most visited spot for the tourists

2. Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is a big city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is located in the east of Andhra Pradesh. Beautiful beaches and various wildlife sanctuaries attract tourists here greatly. There are different hill stations here which are perfectly suitable for trekking. Also, the awesome beaches are the best destination here where one can really have great fun.


  • “Yarada Beach” is a very beautiful beach which is visited by many tourists
  • Visakhapatnam is showing great development in the IT sector recently

3. Nellore

Nellore district is situated in the eastern part of Andhra Pradesh. Nellore is renouned for its agricultural activities. The Pennar river flows throw this region, providing good water supply for agricultural activities. This place is gifted with excellent natural beauty that attracts tourists. Also, there are many beaches around in Nellore. There are some well-built forts and temples in Nellore.


  • Some of the famous forts are Venkatagiri Fort, Udayagiri Fort
  • The Mypad Beach and Pulicate Beaches are very attractive

4. Kurnool

Kurnool is a wonderful district of Andhra Pradesh. The place has some of the ancient paintings, rock carvings etc. Also there are some mysterious caves in some parts of Kurnool. The tourists are attracted by all these and many of the shopping items have given a different glamour to Kurnool. There are many tourist who come to this place.


  • The name Kurnool is derived from the famous Kurnool Fort
  • Kurnool is also know as “The Gateway of Rayalseema”

5. Kadapa

Kadapa has some of the most beautiful ancient carvings. This place is very beautiful in terms of landscape as well. This place has very good deposits of Uranium, which is why this place is also known internationally. The climate of Kadapa is dry and tropical wet, which is very conducive for tourists. The tourists visiting place like travelling via roads as the road network is very well-built. Also, some of the pilgrimage places in Kadapa are constantly pulling many people to themselves due to their natural beauty.


  • Bhagvan Mahavir Government Museum is one of the most visited places here
  • The word Kadapa means “Gateway” in Telugu

6. Ongole

Ongole is very well-known for its attractive beaches, which are visited by many people during holidays. There are also many temples out there in Ongole which are visited by many tourists. The temples are made particularly in the Dravidian style. The water games played at the beaches here are really very remarkable. Many tourist enjoy the water games here.


  • Vodarevu Beach,  Kothapatnam Beach are awesome and visited by m any people
  • The famous temples here are Kashi Visweswara Swamy Temple, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir

7. Puttaparthi

Puttaparthi is well-known all over the world for the famous Satya Saibaba religious establishment. The place being very religious, many people do visit this place from many of parts of India and the world.  The Chaitanya Jyoti Museum is really worth visiting where you can get a really nice experience. The Chitravati river is very fabulous which is also visited by many people coming for a pilgrimage.


  • Anjaneya Hanuman Swamy Temple is a very popular temple here, which should be surely visited by people
  • The original name of Puttaparthi is Gollapalli

8. Chittoor

Chittoor lies in the Poini river valley. Chittoor is a very nice place for people to rejuvenate themselves with some of the attractive hills, rivers, forts,temples, etc. This place is not much developed as compared to the other places. However, its natural beauty can really make many people extremely happy. Here some of the amazing fruit farms of of mangoes, sugarcane, grains and peanuts can be found and visited.


  • Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary is really worth visiting
  • The food items are very affordable here

9. Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry is a very well-known place for its different temples. The temples are very nicely carved in the ancient Dravidian style. Also, the river Godavari flows through this region. Many tourists flock to this region, experiencing some enjoyable moments here. Rajahmundry is very rich both culturally and agriculturally. The well-known long road and railway bridge connects  Rajahmundry  and Kovvur.


  • Godavari boat ride is a never-to-miss activity for the tourists
  • Rajahmundry is also called as “The Grand city of Culture”

10. Amalapuram

Amalapuram is a beautiful place in Andhra Pradesh. This place is very well-versed in the Vedic culture. Rice and coconut is found in abundance here.This town has recently shown great development in education and commerce. There are plenty of tourists visiting this place nowadays. The tourist have a very nice time here in such natural beauty.


  • The temple of Venkateswara is very famous here
  • The food available here is awesome and delicious

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