Travel India: 10 Most Expensive Villas In Mumbai


Image courtesy: John Perry

Mumbai is called the city of dreams. Many people come and live in this city with lots of hope and aspirations. Many people are not able to fulfil their dreams, however there are some people who have done so successfully. There are many such successful people in Mumbai, who have built a great home as well. These villas are very expensive, however, they have a beautiful design structure which can be liked by anyone very easily. It is very exciting to watch such expensive villas in Mumbai in person, which are simply awe-inspiring. Let us now see some of the most expensive villas in Mumbai:

1. Gulistan

Gulistan is a beautiful villa in Mumbai. This is a high priced bungalow worth Rs. 270 cr. This bungalow was bought by the Mahindra Group. This bungalow has a huge open surrounding area. The colour given to the villa looks fantastic. This bungalow catches the eyes of the passers-by.


  • The buyer of this bungalow is Mahindra Lifespace Developers
  • It is believed that the redevelopment of this bungalow may take place very soon

2. NCPA Apartments

NCPA Apartment is another villa in Mumbai which is situated in the South of Mumbai on Nariman Point. This villa is spread over a large area. The NCPA being situated in South Mumbai, it has got great significance and its price is also very high. The sea-view is clearly accessible from this villa. The NCPA villa is liked by many.


  • South Mumbai has the highest real estate rates in the whole of Mumbai
  • The area around NCPA Apartment has all the necessary amenities

3. Villa Nirmala

Villa Nirmala stands out a beautiful villa in Mumbai. This is one of the old villas in Mumbai. This villa is built in an old fashion. However, the area occupied by this villa is large enough. One can feel very relaxed in this villa.


  • The Peninsula Land has bought this beautiful villa
  • The Villa Nirmala has a great open space area

4. Gautam Singhania Residence, JK House

Gautam Singhania’s residence JK House is an awesome villa. This villa is quite high. The value of this villa is around 150 crores. This villa looks wonderful. This beautiful villa is one of the main attractions in Mumbai. Many different types of architecture can be seen employed in this villa.


  • This is one the tallest residential places in Mumbai and India
  • JK House has become a gold standard for villas in India

5. Rana Kapoor Residence, Tony Altamount Road

Rana Kapoor’s residence is located at Tony Altamount Road in Mumbai. This place was earlier owned by the Citi group. However, now this villa belongs to Rana Kapoor who is the Yes Bank’s CEO. The worth of this villa is around 120 crores. This villa is equipped with beautiful landscaping, having all the necessary amenities.


  • Apart from Citi group, GlaxoSmithKline also had some share in this villa earlier
  • This villa has an amazing and grand look

6. Napean Grange

Napean Grange villa is another one of the expensive villas in Mumbai. This one of the oldest villas, which is spread over an area of about 28,000 sq ft. This villa was earlier owned by the Kapadia family. This villa may appear a little old style from a distance, however, it looks awesome when one comes near for a closer look.


  • This villa was built in the year 1918
  • The location of this villa is a little difficult and tricky to reach

7. Mehrangir Bungalow

Mehrangir is a large and expensive villa situated in Mumbai. Dr.Homi Bhabha was the owner of this villa. The cost of this villa is pretty high, as much as 372 crores. This villa has very nice landscaping and is dotted with different types of plants. Also, the large expanse of this villa is fantastic.


  • Many people want this villa to be converted into a museum
  • This villa has many small and big rooms inside it

8. Jatia House

Jatia House is a very wonderful villa situated in the Malabar area of Mumbai. This area is one of the affluent neighbourhoods of Mumbai. The owner of this villa is Kumar Mangalam Birla. The cost of this villa is 425 crores. Anyone looking at it is really impressed immediately. Many people visit just to have a look at Jatia House


  • When Kumar Mangalam Birla bought this villa, it was considered one of the most expensive transactions in India
  • This villa has got many biggies eager to buy it

9. Lincoln House

Lincoln House is another massive and expensive villa in Mumbai. This villa belongs to Cyrus Poonawalla. The cost of this villa is 750 crores. This villa is situated over a large area of 50,000 sq ft. It is located near the seafront and that has made this villa more attractive. The Lincoln House villa is known not only in India, but it is also known all over the world.


  • It is believed that Cyrus Poonawalla may build some property here
  • This villa has fabulous landscaping, which can totally mesmerize anybody

10. Mukesh Ambani Residence, Antila

Antila is the most expensive villa in Mumbai. This villa belongs to Mukesh Ambani. The cost of this villa is Rs. 10,000 crore. The Antila villa is spread over 4,00,000 sq ft. This villa appears fabulous and royal. The Antila villa has now become one of the main attractions for the tourists.


  • Antila villa is the second most expensive villa in the world after Buckingham palace
  • The owner of this villa Mukesh Ambani is the richest Indian

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