Travel India: 10 Travel Tips for Andaman


Image Courtesy: Aravindan Ganesan

Andaman is one of the most fascinating places in India. This place being an island, one can easily see many beaches here. Apart from that this land also has some of the small and big islands which are very attractive. Many tourists visit this place and have a wonderful experience there. Many people visit this place for their vacation. This island has some beautiful forests, stunning corals, old tribes and many more interesting things. This place is very rich in flora and fauna cover. Many travelers visit this place every year and gather some memorable moments.

1. Carrying Visa and Permits

All the Visa and permits should be carried by all tourists. This spot being very important from the tourism point of view, there is protection given to the place by the administration.


  • Many places in Andaman have constant checks by officials
  • Keeping visa and permits on person will always help tourists everywhere

2. Proper Knowledge Of The Climate Of Andaman

It will be best if one visits the Andaman Islands during the month of October to May. At this time, the weather is clear and one can enjoy the beautiful beaches in Andaman. One cannot enjoy the full beauty of Andaman between June to September as there is heavy rainfall during this time.


  •  The daytime temperature is between 35 degrees – 39 degrees in Andaman
  •  At night the temperature is between 15 degrees -19 degrees

3. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of the very interesting things that people like to try here. Exploring the sea life and observing the different amazing creatures living in the sea is very interesting. There are important Scuba Diving places in Andaman like Barefoot Scuba Resort in Havelock Island.


  •  Most tourists enjoy Scuba Diving in Andaman.
  •  Andaman is one of the best places in India to offer Scuba diving

4. Cellular Jail In Andaman

This jail enjoys an important places in Indian history. This jail was used by Britisher’s against the Indian nationalists. This is a very interesting place that every tourist should visit.


  •  Many of the Indian nationalist had to stay in this jail during India’s freedom struggle
  •  It is a jail with a  very large space and no boundary wall as it is on a secluded island.

5. Cautious From Tribal People

There are many tribes dwelling in Andaman. Although these people are far away from tourist places, one should not try to go to remote place, as most of these tribes are not friendly and they may be dangerous.


  •  Different tribal groups are still in Andaman and are totally aloof from the outside world
  •  They dislike tourists

6. Visiting Radha Nagar Beach

The Radha Nagar Beach is a very beautiful beach in Andaman. One can enjoy the long beach and the clear water. The wonderful sunset will give you the goosebumps.


  •  The beaches of Andaman are always flooded with tourists.
  •  Most beaches have excellent facilities for tourists.

7. Different Museums

There are some outstanding museums in Andaman. Various types of bio diversity can be easily seen in these museums. Some of the museums are Anthropological Museum, Science Centre and Kalapani Museum.


  •  Amazing things can be seen in the museums of Andaman.
  •  Museums like Kalapani Museum are known to most of the people in India.

8. Carrying Light Clothes And Woolen Clothes

The climate of Andaman is in extremes. The climate is very hot during the day and very cool at night. So lighter clothes will be helpful in afternoons and woollen clothes will save from the cold at night.


  •  Many tourists do not have much idea regarding the climate
  •  There is availability of suitable clothes at various shops in Andaman.

9. Consulting A Tour Operator

Although one may have proper knowledge regarding the important places in Andaman, it is still not very easy to travel in Andaman. So appointing a proper guide for your Andaman trip will be a big advantage for the tourists.


  •  There are many tour operators active in Andaman,
  •  Some of the tourists really get confused while visiting Andaman, so it is a good idea to appoint a guide.

10. Enjoying the Water Sports

There are a variety of water sports in Andaman. Many tourists enjoy these water sports. People from all age groups enjoy participating in them


  •  Andaman has a huge range of different types of water sports.
  •  Tourists make the most of these water sports.

These are some of the major tips that one must remember while visiting Andaman. This will surely ensure a lot of fun in Andaman.

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