Travel India: 10 Best Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu

Temple - Mahabalipuram

Image courtesy: J’ram DJ

Tamil Nadu is the southernmost state in India. It well-known place which is one of the most ancient and beautiful civilizations in India- the Dravidian civilization. Tamil Nadu is equipped with many of the beautiful places, which has been attracting many of the tourists from long time. The Tamil Nadu is equipped with rich ecology. This culturally rich state has seen great increase in the tourists in recent years. This is a fantastic place which forces many of the tourist visit again and again. Let us now see some of the 10 best places to visit in Tamil Nadu:

1. Coimbatore

Coimbatore is an industrialized place in the Tamil Nadu. There are various architecturally designed temples here, which are visited by many tourists. The city also has a pleasant climate which is near the Western Ghats. It has a very nice ecological environment. Many tourists do visit this beautiful place, to enjoy the beautiful environment here.


  • This place is situated on the banks of Noyyal river
  • The famous Palaghat gap is very near from this place

2. Rameswaram

Rameswaram is a popular town for the tourists in Tamil Nadu. Many tourists visit this place as it is one of the important pilgrimage places. Visiting this place is very exciting as there is are two routes parallel, which is of railway route and other of the road route. Many of the pilgrims visit this place to do the puja here. This is a nice place in Tamil Nadu.


  • The popular Adam’s bridge is very near from this place
  • This place is very rich ecologically

3. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal  is a popualr hill station in the Tamil Nadu state. This place is gifted with very nice scenic beauty. This place is covered with dense forests which ensures natural fresh air. This place is gifted with variety of trees and attractive flowers which can easily lighten up ones mood. Many of the travellers visiting Tamil Nadu make sure to visit this place.


  • Shembaganaur Musuem is one of the most visited place in the Coimbatore
  • Tourists like visiting Berijam Lake in this place

4. Thanjavur

Thanjavur has been home to many empires out of which the Chola Empire and the Maratha empire is well-known. The Cholas had built many of the temples here. Thanjavur is a place with amny temples. The temples built here are of very high quality architecture. People even visit the Royal Palace here, which is really fantastic.


  • Brihadeswara temple is a very famous temple in Tanjore
  • Maratha empire had its capital in Tanjore for few years

5. Ooty

Ooty is a well-known place all over the country. It is also known as Udhagamandalam. You can visist here during summers as it is the ideal season to visit Ooty. This is a very nice place where many of the travellers visit. Most of the people enjoy the boating activities in various lakes of the Ooty. The tourists have a great fun here, which is enjoyed with various activities.


  • Trekking on the Dodabetta Peak is another activity which is done by most of the travelers here
  • The typical South Indian food has been liked by many of the tourists here

6. Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram is a famous place in the Tamil Nadu. Many of the Dravidian styled temples can be seen in Kanchipuram. The specialized silk sarees in Kanchipuram is very popular in India as well as the world. The beautiful backwaters and bird sanctuaries are very attractive for tourists to enjoy. Most people visit with their families here.


  • Kanchipuram is having nice natural attractions, pulling many of the tourists towards it
  • The Kanchipuram sarees are popular all over India

7. Madurai

Madurai is very well-known for the various temples. The temples here are built with excellent architectural design, with various statues of God and Goddesses on it. The architecture of the temples here clearly reflects the Dravidian style. This happens to be the 4000 years old city, which is being known since the ancient times. The tourists visit this place from all over India.


  • The Meenakshi Ammam temple is very popular in the Madurai
  • The Chithirai festival is celebrated every year here, where many of the people coming here

8. Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is a well-known place. The place is culturally and architecturally very rich. Many well-carved monuments can be seen here. Most of the monuments here are carved with the Granite rocks, which give a marvellous glow to it. The Mahabalipuram is not a large place to cover on foot, tourists can easily cover this place in a short time. This a very nice place for tourists to visit.


  • Mahabalipuram is also known as “Mamallapuram”
  • The resorts are one of the best place to stay here

9. Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is a well-known place to many of the people, as it is the southernmost tip of the mainland India. The Kanyakumari has got many of the well-built temples, monuments which are carved in Dravidian style. The fabulous beaches in Kanyakumari pulls many of the tourists towards it. The southwest monsoon looks awesome on this place.


  • This place is also known as “Cape of Comorin”
  • This place is located in the confluence of Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal, and Arabian Sea

10. Chennai

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. This city is a well-developed in the industrial sector and is one of the most important center in the South India. Here one can find excellent malls, museums, gardens and many exciting place to visit. Tourists are amazed by this vibrant city and are getting heavily attracted to this place, with the number of tourist can easily seen increasing every year.


  • Earlier this place was known as “Madras”
  • Special South Indian dishes is another attractive things in Chennai

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