Travel India: 10 Things to Avoid in Hyderabad


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Hyderabad is an important city situated in the South of India. Many different industries have developed here rapidly. The infrastructural facilities of Hyderabad are also very good. This vibrant city has recently been attracting many tourists from around the world. The tourists like visiting different spots in Hyderabad. However, one must know that travelling in and around Hyderabad is not so easy. The people visiting Hyderabad should try to avoid certain things, or else they may face problems. It is important that travellers coming here have a nice experience in Hyderabad. Let us now see 10 things to avoid in Hyderabad :

1. Going Alone to Unknown Places

Some places in Hyderabad are host to tedious and difficult roads. It is very hard to remember the different roads in Hyderabad. Also, there are some places in Hyderabad which are not good for the newcomers. There are some dangerous areas where one can see many pickpockets and fraudsters. So, it is always better that one does not go alone and always takes an acquaintance along to the destination.


  • The places surrounding the Shamshabad Airport, Khairatabad Science College, etc. are a bit troublesome
  • Some of the tourists have been known to face problems while traveling alone in Hyderabad

2. Visiting Any Restaurant Serving Local Dishes

Most of the restaurants in Hyderabad serve South Indian dishes like Idli, Sambhar, Dosa, etc. Also, many of the other dishes have a touch of South Indian flavour. Some of the tourists may not like the South Indian flavour. So, visiting any restaurant will not give them the desired taste. It is best to ask a local eating there as well, for the best dish in a restaurant.


  • Some of the well-known restaurants in Hyderabad are Malaka Spice, Gal Punjab Di, Barbeque Nation,etc.
  • “Hyderabadi Biryani” is a popular dish in Hyderabad

3. Spitting in Public Places

The city of Hyderabad is comparatively a clean city. Many public places like roads, footpaths, gardens etc. are quite clean. However still, full marks cannot be given to this city in terms of cleanliness. Recently, awareness creation has started regarding cleanliness in the city. The most important thing here is that there have been strict restrictions on spitting in public places. A heavy fine is imposed if you are caught spitting at certain locations. So, do avoid spitting in public places in Hyderabad.


  • Recently officials have come down heavily on people spoiling the public places in Hyderabad.
  • Fines from Rs.1000 to Rs.4000 may be imposed on you, if you are found spitting in important public places

4. Disrespecting the Telugu Language

The people not knowing Telugu can face a little problem in Hyderabad, as most of the people speak the local Telugu language here and very few people understand Hindi or English. It will be better if you do not get frustrated by this and instead try to respect the Telugu language. The language may be a problem to non-Telugu speaking people visiting here. However, Telugu is a sweet language.


  • Telugu is the third most spoken language in whole of India
  • People of Hyderabad are a big fan of Telugu movies

5. Not Carrying Necessary ID Proof

There are some occasional checks conducted by different Government officials in Hyderabad. These check ups are usually due to security concerns. It is always better for the tourists to carry necessary ID proof along with them like Pan Card, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card etc. If you do not have these necessary ID proofs along with you then you may face problems. So, always carry your ID proof along with you.


  • Some of the tourist have faced problems as they were not carrying an ID proof with them
  • “Pan Card” is the best ID Proof that one can carry along with them

6. Irresponsible Regarding Your Wallet

Most of the places in Hyderabad are very safe for travelling. However, there are some places in Hyderabad that are prone to pickpocketing. Some of the places are very crowded where the chances of your wallet getting stolen are very high. One needs to keep their wallet safe and also it in the front pocket is always better. So, always be careful regarding your wallet.


  • Some cases of the wallets getting lost have registered by tourists
  • The probability of getting back your wallet is very low, so be careful regarding that

7. Talking ill of Telugu Movies

Most of the people in Hyderabad are great fans of Telugu movies. Many people watch the first-day-first-show of these movies. Every year many Telugu movies are released, and they are watched quite zealously by the public. So, never say anything negative regarding the Telugu movies and the stars in the movies. It will hurt the sentiments of many Telugu movie-loving people.


  • The movies like Magadheera, Gabbar Singh, Kushi, Yevadu, etc. are very famous Telugu movies
  • Telugu film industry has given many box-office successes over the decades

8. Eating Unknown Food Items

Always eat that dish which you are aware of. Just eating any dish which looks pretty will not be good for your tummy. There are some local dishes here, which are liked by the local people only. The people visiting from outside may not always like these dishes. This may spoil the mood of the tourists, so only eat the food items which you are aware of.


  • Some of the tourists do find the new Hyderabadi dishes tasteless
  • The Hyderabadi dishes like Hyderabadi Biryani, Mutton Dalcha, Mirchi ka Salan, Shikampuri Kebab, etc. are liked by many people

9. Catching Wrong Public Transport

The main public transportation in Hyderabad is the public buses, which are being operated  by TSRTC. All the major places in Hyderabad and outside Hyderabad are well-connected by these buses. These buses are very comfortable for the travelers. However, it will be a big problem if any person catches a wrong bus. They may land up in such a place which they are totally unaware of. This will be very problematic then. So always catch the right bus to reach your destination.


  • Some of the main bus stops here are Dilsukhnagar, Jubilee bus station, Mehdi bus station, etc.
  • Most of the people prefer a bus to go to a distant place in Hyderabad

10. Walking Without a Cap and Umbrella in Summer

The summer season in Hyderabad is comparatively very hot. The temperature is mostly above 40 degrees in the summer season. It is recommended that the tourist coming here should take proper care of themselves. In summer season, always carry a cap, an umbrella and all necessary precautions to protect yourself from the scorching heat.


  • In the hot summers, the temperature is ranging between 43 degree to 46 degree
  • The availability of umbrella and caps are aplenty in Hyderabad

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