Travel India: 10 Things to Avoid in Bengaluru

Ulsoor Lake

Image courtesy: Swaminathan

Bengaluru is a cosmopolitan city inviting tourists from all over the world. Bengaluru also happens to be the third most populous city in the world. This city has been attracting many tourists for a long time. The city is also called the “Garden City of India” for having beautiful and large gardens which make every tourist feel great. Many of the tourists like visiting this place again and again. Traveling in Bengaluru is indeed a pleasant experience. However, one must avoid doing certain things in Bengaluru, otherwise, they may face certain problems.

Here, we will see some 10 things to avoid in Bengaluru:

1. Eating in any hotel

In Bengaluru, you will find many options for hotels; however, do not choose any hotel randomly, as many of the hotels are full of the South Indian dishes. Many other dishes also have a South Indian flavor. Surely the South Indian dishes are tasty, but for some people who come from outside may not be used to it. So, in this case, do a search for a hotel where you can have food of your choice.


  • “Udipi” hotel is the most popular hotels in the Bengaluru city
  • The food cost of some of the hotels are little high

2. Don’t Let the rickshaw drivers overcharge you

Bengaluru being a big city, it is well-connected by roads, but many people use rickshaw for traveling from one place to another. Most of the rickshaw drivers are nice people, but in the case of people traveling from outside in Bengaluru, many of the rickshaw drivers tend to overcharge them. It is not just a single driver, if you ask 10 random rickshaw drivers regarding traveling to a particular destination, nearly 7 out of 10 drivers will charge you more than the normal charges.


  • Rickshaw is one of the most convenient and comfortable way of traveling from a location to the destination
  • Many of the travelers from outside Bengaluru had the experience of overcharging done by the rickshaw drivers.

3. Visiting unknown places alone

There are some places in Bengaluru, which have crowded roads. The tourists should avoid going into these places as it is difficult to find the way if you are lost while traveling. In this case, only the local people can guide you to find the proper way. Also, some places are a little bit dangerous from the safety point of view. So, do avoid roaming alone in different places in Bengaluru.


  • The Malleswaram market is the most crowdyed market, which is having some of the tricky and tedious roads
  • Many of the tourist from outside had a bad experience while traveling in Bengaluru

4. Disrespect the Kannada language

The major language spoken in the Bengaluru is the Kannada. The Kannada language is one of the oldest languages in India. When the travelers from outside come to Bengaluru, he does not have the knowledge of Kannada language and might find difficulty in communicating, as most of the people speak in Kannada and the signboards are also written in the same language. Do not get frustrated on this and do not disrespect the language as the sentiments of people may get hurt. The local residents are nice people, they will surely assist you.


  • Most of the people do not know the Hindi or English in Bengaluru, they only known Kannada
  • Most of the staff in hotel has now a days well acquainted with Hindi language

5. Talking bad about the Kannada movies

People in Bengaluru are a great fan of the Kannada movies. Many of the Kannada movies released till now like Bangarada Manushya, Milana, Mungaru Male, Arasu, etc. are well-known to many people. Please be careful while talking regarding the movies and the stars in it, as many of the people are great fans of them. Any person saying bad things regarding these movies may have to face the wrath of the people. So, be careful in reg ards to this.


  • There have been some incident where outside travelers who had said bad regarding this had to face the anger of people.
  • Many of the Kannada movies are really nice and worth watching

6. Making public places dirty

Bengaluru is one of the cleanest metropolitan cities in India. The beautiful city of Bengaluru, which has always attracted tourists, is known for its relatively clean environment. Slum regions are very less in Bengaluru as compared to the other cities. The people in Bengaluru do show a lot of civics sense about throwing waste and dirty materials and use the dustbins always. Nobody in Bengaluru will like anyone who pollutes the public places, so do not pollute this beautiful city.


  • The Bengaluru city has always been on the Top 10 rankings in many surveys of clean city
  • The slum areas in Bengaluru is very less as compared to the other metropolitan cities in India

7. Not taking Id proofs

Bengaluru being a commercially important city, there are constant checks happening due to security reasons. If you do not carry the necessary Id proofs with you, then you may have to face problems and you may have to face unnecessary questions. So, it is always better for the tourists to carry necessary Id proof along with them.


  • The Pan Card, Aadhar Card and Driving License are the best Id porof that one should carry
  • Many of the tourists do had faced some problems where they did not carry the necessary Id proof.

8. Taking the wrong bus

Bengaluru being well connected with roads, the public transport system in Bengaluru is well-developed. The buses go to the most remote places. So, many people do prefer buses to go to a destination; however, one must always make sure to catch the right bus, otherwise, you may land up in a wrong destination, which you do not know.


  • Many of the tourists had an experience of catching a wrong bus and landing in a wrong place
  • The buses are very comforatble means of transportation in Bengaluru

9. Eating any food item

When tourists are traveling in Bengaluru, they should avoid eating all the food items. The well-presented food items have always tempted the tourists to try them. Some people do try these food items; however, it is not always that one likes these food items or is digestible. Some people had some stomach problems after eating these food items. So, always eat a known food item.


  • Some of the tourist had a little problem after eating these different food items
  • Idli, Dosa, Sambar, etc. are some of the common food items that you can find in many of the places in Bengaluru

10. New drivers driving in the crowded roads

Many of the roads in Bengaluru are very crowded. Many of the tourists really wonder how people are able to travel through such crowded roads. It will be advisable for the tourists in Bengaluru that they do not try to drive on such roads, as you may not be able to able to drive properly. The local people here, have the daily habit of traveling on such crowded roads.


  • Some of the roads near the areas of BTM, Marathalli, etc. are very crowded due to traffic in peak hours
  • The people in Bengaluru have the habit to drive even in heavy traffic roads

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