Travel India, Travel NorthEast: 10 Travel Tips for Assam


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Assam is a state in northeastern India known for its cultural heritage and wildlife. The state is popular for its excellent quality tea, known as “Assam Tea” and also for their superior quality of “Assam Silk”. Assam has one of the most beautiful ecosystems, filled with multiple picturesque attractions. There are some world-famous wildlife sanctuaries present in this state, which have successfully preserved many endangered species which attracts the attention of many travellers. However, it is necessary that one should keep certain travel tips in mind while travelling in Assam. We will now look through 10 travel tips for Assam:

1. Keep yourself hydrated

Some travellers in Assam have a problem with the taste of the water. Although the taste may not bother locals, some travellers coming from outside have been uncomfortable with its taste. So, such travellers should always carry a bottle of mineral water with them. Also, the summers in Assam can be very exhausting, so having a water bottle will surely keep you healthy and hydrated.


  • There is plenty of water available in the state of Assam
  • Some of the tourists are only comfortable with the mineral water when they visit a different place

2. Travelling in winter and autumn is more convenient

The climate of Assam during the summer season is not only hot but humid as well. So, it is always advisable that tourists should make a note to visit this state mostly during winter or autumn at most. This climate causes Assam to bloom, even more, tourists are known to have a great time and enjoy during this season. What truly mesmerizes tourists are the evenings at this place.


  • The temperature in summer goes beyond 40 degree in Assam
  • It is easy to travel for long hours in Assam during winter or autumn season

3. Carefully choose your travel guide

Assam is a beautiful place to travel to. However, it may be a bit difficult to figure out when visiting for the first time. There are many routes to keep track of and also the possibility of missing some of the vital spots here. So, here a proper travel guide can surely make your trip a little easy and meaningful. They can guide you better when travelling in Assam.


  • Beware of the travelers who may overcharge you
  • Take all possible information while visiting different spots in Assam

4. Safeguard your wallet

When you travel to Assam, there are some places which are a little crowded so, there is a possibility of your wallet getting stolen. Therefore, always safeguard your wallet first. Keeping the wallet in the front pocket is always the best technique to protect your wallet. Also, it is better that you avoid going in too many crowded places.


  • Many of the tourists have admitted that there wallet was stolen in some or the other place while travelling
  • To be on safer side, keep less cash and valuables in your wallet

5. Avoid eating and drinking with strangers

Whenever you travel to Assam, avoid eating or drinking with a stranger. There are thugs and muggers in Assam, who may deceive you. They may act very friendly, however, keeping them at a distance is advisable. However, the general people of Assam are very friendly and always ready to help any person in need of help.


  • Some of the tourists have been deceived by the strangers and robbed many of the valuables from them
  • Do not put all the trust on the strangers, you may fall in difficulty

6. Precautionary health measures

The possibility of medicines being available in certain places is very rare. Travellers who possess the habit of carrying medicines should carry their own. It is also advisable that one carries some of the precautionary medications of health issues like cough, sneezing, viral fever, etc. This will ensure the health of tourists and avoid any issue that might spoil their vacation.


  • There are some of the remote places in Assam where you will never find a medical shop over long distance
  • Carrying necessary medicine can help the tourists to a great extent

7. Keep track of extra expenses

Whenever you travel to Assam or any other tourist destination, the possibility of spending more money than calculated is pretty common. So, while you travel in Assam, there is the possibility of spending more on things like eating, buying, etc. Therefore, keep track of your expenses. Avoid spending on expensive items, which pinch your pocket a bit too much.


  • Tourists usually overspend on entertaining activities mostly which they have not planned before hand
  • Many of the tourist have experienced the financial crunch while travelling in Assam

8. Carrying Id proofs

Frequent checkups are conducted in Assam, due to security reasons. The tourist who does not possess necessary Id proofs may have to face a bit difficulty. Therefore, always carry necessary Id proofs which will help avoid problems and make your tour trouble-free.


  • The Id proofs like Pan cards, Aadhar cards, Driving License, etc. are the best Id proofs that one can carry
  • Problems were faced by some of the tourist who did not carry the necessary Id proofs

9. Lock your rooms properly when you go outside

When you lodge in a particular hotel, do not forget to lock your room. You cannot depend completely upon the security given by the hotel. Nowadays, many hotels don’t take responsibility if any of your things get stolen. So, whenever you go out, do lock your room properly. Ensure that the valuables you may be carrying are properly safeguarded.


  • There are some of the cases where the tourists have lost there bags and other valuables as they had not locked the rooms properly
  • Safety of the belongings is now an entire responsibility of the tourists

10. The autos and taxis are convenient for travelling

Whenever you want to travel in Assam, autos and taxis are the best options. Many tourists prefer autos and taxis as they are both affordable and convenient modes of transportation. There are many rough roads, which can be easily travelled by autos and taxis. So, when you visit Assam either hire a cab or take an auto to travel.


  • Many of the local people have generated good employment opportunity with the autos and taxis
  • The tourists are really very satisfied with the service given by the autos and taxis

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