Travel to North-East India: 10 Places you MUST visit in Assam

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Image courtesy: Akarsh Simha

Assam has been attracting many tourists from around the world. The attractive hills, picturesque scenes, and various national parks have been the main attractions for the people coming to Assam. You find many different tribes of people living here. Assam offers a variety of places where tourists can visit and have some enjoyable moments. It will be really interesting to watch some of the places in Assam which are worth visiting. Let us see some of the Best Places to Visit in Assam:

1. Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is one of the most visited places in Assam. This place has been declared as a World Heritage Site. Here you can see a wide range of animals like tiger, rhinoceros, sambar, elephants, Indian bison and many more animals. This National Park also has many birds like greater adjutant, ferruginous duck, lesser white-fronted goose and many more types of birds. The tourists are amazed when visiting this place in Assam.


  • The Kaziranga National Park was started in the year 1905 with request of Mary Curzon
  • Heavy rains and frequent flooding has been the problems frequently occuring here in the rainy season

2. Kamakhya Temple

The Kamakhya Temple is beautifully located in the hilly area at a great height. The temple is dedicated to the mother goddess Kamakhya. Many faithful people visit this place. One can easily view the beautiful hills and river areas whenever they visit this place. The temple is built very beautifully with the four chambers. The architecture of the temple is very appreciable.


  • The worship of this Godess can be done in both way as Vamachara (Left-Hand Path) and Dakshinachara (Right-Hand Path)
  • Manasha and Durga Puja are the main festivals celebrated here

3. Garmur Satra

Garmur Satra is another interesting place in Assam. Here, one can see different creative architectures designed with various colors and a lot of fascinating things. Various Hindu mythological characters like Ram, Hanuman, Ravana, etc. are displayed here. The bamboo made room is an exciting place to stay in for some time.


  • Garmur Satra is spread over a large distance which comprises a long area
  • Many of the tourists do visit this place very enthusiastically

4. Agnigarh Hill

The Agnigarh hill is located in Tezpur. The hill is very beautiful, having some picturesque sights which can easily mesmerize the tourists visiting. The beautifully built staircase is a circular pattern for the hill which looks amazing. Once you reach the top of the hill, you can easily see the entire Tezpur view.


  • The fort was built by King Banasura to keep Usha, his daughter in isolation
  • The word Agnigarh is derived from the word “Agni” means fire and “garh” means fort

5. Diphu

Diphu is a very popular hill station in Assam, where many of the tourists visit in large numbers. Here, one can come across various groups of people belonging to different communities. Many of the cultural festivals like Karbi youth festival is celebrated every year here. Apart from this, tourists are greatly attracted by the Botanical gardens, Recreation parks, and museums.


  • The word Diphu is derieved from the word “Di” means water and “Phu” means white
  • The different tribes of people living here are Rengma Naga, Garo, Bodo, Karbi and some more tribes

6. Chitralekha Udyan

The Chitralekha Udyan is one of the fabulous gardens in Assam. This garden is also known by the name “Cole Park”. The various exciting and happening activities have been attracting many tourists to this garden. The pond which has the facility of paddle boating is fantastic. Recently the addition of “Bumping Cars” here has been attracting various tourists.


  • The garden was first built in the year 1906 and later renovated beautifully in 1906 making it more attractive
  • The water sports has been main attractions of the tourists here

7. Sualkuchi

The Sualkuchi is an interesting place to visit in Assam, due to the wide capacity to make silk here. The village has gained various names due to the silk production like “Silk Village” and “Silk Heaven”. The location of the Sualkuchi village which is near the banks of the river Brahmaputra is very fantastic. A large number of tourists visit this place every year.


  • The various famous types of silk which is very famous are Eri silk, Muga silk and Patr silk
  • The silk produced here has also got a trademark named as “SUALKUCHI’S”

8. Orang National Park

The Orang National Park is a wonderful place to visit for the tourists. The park is situated on the banks of river Brahmaputra. The park is very rich in flora and fauna diversity. One can find different animals here like elephants, tigers, pigmy hog, rhinoceros and many more. The various birds that are common here are hornbills, brahminy duck, woodpecker, kingfisher and various other types of birds.


  • This was established in the year 1985 and in year 1999 it was declared as the national park
  • The Government of Assam has taken many of the steps to preserve the the flora and fauna here

9. Digboi

Digboy is very well-known for the oil-refinery. The big oil refinery has attracted many of the tourists here. Also, some of the attractive hilly areas and picturesque scenes has mesmerized many of the tourists.  The people also visit in large numbers in Digboi Centenary Museum. Many families do come here on vacations and have some enjoyable moments here.


  • Digboy is also popularly named as the “Oil City of Assam”
  • The well-developed infra structure can also been seen easily in the Assam

10. Umrangshu

Umrangshu is a beautiful and attractive place in Assam. One can see nice lush greenery with nice roads. The tourists planning to visit Assam should surely visit this place, where they can really forget their tensions and relax in this beautiful and cool place. The Kopili Hydro Electric Project is another place that is worth watching here.


  • There are many of the medicinal plants situated in the Umrangshu
  • The number of tourists visiting this place has been very increasing each year

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