Travel India, Travel NorthEast: 10 Incredible Places You MUST Visit In Arunachal Pradesh


Image courtesy: Giridhar Appaji Nag Y

There are many places on this earth which really touch the hearts of many people easily. Arunachal Pradesh is one such place. This region lies on the extreme eastern side of India. The wildlife sanctuary, mind-boggling mountains, swift flowing rivers, and fabulous valleys have touched the hearts of many people. There are many places in Arunachal Pradesh which the tourists should surely visit to make their tour enjoyable. Here we will see 10 incredible places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh:

1. Tawang

Tawang has some of the beautiful mountains, gorgeous lakes and heart touching scenic beauties, which has made many people fall in love with this place. The Twang Chu river is spread along most of the areas in Tawang. The Tawang Monastery which is a popular Buddhist temple is the main attraction for many people coming here. The lakes like Pangateng Tso Lake and Madhuri Lake look very attractive.


  • The Indo-China border is one of the most visited places by tourists in Tawang
  • The Tawang region consists mainly of the Monpa people

2. Bomdila

Bomdila is a beautiful place with nice Himalayan mountains covered with snow.  This region has beautiful picturesque scenarios and large apple trees easily tugging at the hearts of many people. The Bomdila Monastery is visited by many people to see the rich craft and art. Here one can get different items which are made by the local people.


  • This place is situated over 8000 ft above sea level
  • People of different tribes like Aka, Miji, Sherdukpen, Monpa reside here

3. Roing

Roing is a beautiful place located in a very adventurous location. The marvelous waterfalls and lakes easily attract many tourists here. This place is located near the Dibang river, making it more attractive to the tourists.  The road network has been developed very nicely in this area. The Roing Bazaar is a big market here, where one can easily find many fantastic things.


  • Adi and Idu Mishmi are the main tribes of people living here
  • The connection of Roing to the other main towns has given it prominence

4. Bhalukpong

If you are a lover of adventure and like to trek, then this is the place for you. Here you can get beautiful mountains which are perfectly suited for trekking. The swift flowing river provides relaxation to the mind. River rafting is the most cherished activity of the tourists here. Many tourists like visiting this place very much.


  • The festival named Nyethidow of the Aka tribe people is celebrated with pomp and show in this region
  • Tipi Orchidariurm and Pakhui Game Sanctuary are the most visited places by the tourists here

5. Namdapha National Park

The Namdhapa National Park is situated at a beautiful location. This area has bamboo forests occupying a large area. The park has a large variety of animals like elephants, fishing cat, mongoose, musk deer, wild boar, hog deer and many more animals. Different varieties of bird species are also found here like shrike babblers, fulvettas, parrotbills, green cochoa and many more. Many tourists visit this place.


  • In terms of area, this is the third largest national park in India.
  • The number of tourists visiting here are increasing every year

6. Itanagar

Itanagar is a very nice place to visit in  Arunachal Pradesh. Tourists should definitely visit this place to see some of the beautiful places here like Polo Park, Ganga Lake, Wildlife Sanctuary in Itanagar, etc. Different places in Itanagar are very nicely connected by the roads. The awesome mountains in Itanagar easily capture the hearts of tourists coming here.


  • The Ganga lake is the most visited place in Itanagar
  • The tribal culture and many other interesting things can be found in the Jawaharlal Nehru Museum

7. Pasighat

If you really like visiting naturally beautiful places then Pasighat is one of those destinations for you. There are some marvelous views here with beautiful valleys and swift-flowing rivers. The well-known Brahmaputra river also flows through this region. In winters, you can even see some of snow and have a nice time amid the snow-capped mountains.


  • The Daying Ering Wild Life Sanctuary is a nice place where a variety of floral and fauna diversity can be found
  • Pasighat is situated about 155 metres above sea level

8. Ziro

Ziro is a fabulous place in Arunachal Pradesh which is visited by many tourists. Here you can find nice fish farms, beautiful valleys and some attractive places to visit. Roaming through some attractive orchards has always been of great enjoyment. There are some attractive dishes too served by the local people which are really very tasty. This place will really give great peace of mind.


  • Ziro has been named a World Heritage Site
  • This place is also known locally as “Hao-Polyang”

9. Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

The Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places for animal lovers. There are many different types of animals found here like tigers, leopards, jungle cat, fishing cat and many more animals. This place is located very nicely at the foothills of the Himalayas. The adventurous people should definitely visit this place to enjoy some exciting moments here.


  • Pakhui wildlife sanctuary was formed in the year 1977
  • This place is also declared a tiger reserve

10. Anini


Anini is one of the very beautiful places in Arunachal Pradesh. It is located between the tributaries of the Brahmaputra river. One can definitely come here and have a few days of relaxation. This place is also commercially important as there are a few small industries located here. Many beautiful spots can be seen here, where the arrival of the tourists is largely continuous.


  • The Idu Mishmi is the main tribe living here
  • The government has taken many steps to provide facilities for tourists here

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