Travel India, Travel NorthEast: 10 Invaluable tips for your trip to Meghalaya


Image courtesy: Sharada Prasad CS

The state of Meghalaya lies in the eastern region of India. More than half of this region is covered in thick forests causing it to have constant rainfalls. The state has some attractive spots for tourists to visit. A variety of tribal groups, waterfalls and lakes are quite fascinating. English being the official language of this region, the state is one of the most visited states by tourists. However, it is necessary that while travelling in Meghalaya one needs to keep a few things in mind. We present to you some tips which will ensure that your trip is a safe and enjoyable one. Let’s look through 10 travel tips for Meghalaya:

1. Do not travel lonely in unknown areas

Meghalaya is a very hot tourist destination for the trek lovers, as most of the region is covered in thick forests. It is quite exciting to explore these forests and admire nature in all its glory. However, most of it is dense forest region and exploring it might increases the chances of getting lost. So, it is advisable that you travel in groups to enjoy this adventurous place.


  • More than half of the region in this state is covered with forest
  • Many of the tourists had experienced the loss in their route while traveling lonely

2. Carry proper ID proofs

Occasional checks are conducted in some of the North East states in India. There are several check posts present in different locations within Meghalaya. Tourists who don’t possess a proper Id proof may face certain problems at these check posts. So make sure to carry an ID proof with you at all times.


  • The Id proofs like Pan Card, Aadhar Card and Driving License are the best Id Proofs
  • Many of the tourist had faced the checkings

3. Take extra protection in monsoon

Meghalaya is one of the wettest regions in the whole world. It rains quite heavily in the Meghalaya. So, one should carry all the necessary items which will protect you from heavy rainfall.


  • Be careful while travel in the steep areas as they are more slippery in the monsoon season
  • Mawsynram and Cherrapunji are the most wettest place in the whole world

4. Know the local roads properly

Though the roads in Meghalaya aren’t larger in width being a mountainous region, however, they are well-built. Other factors to be considered regarding the roads in Meghalaya are that they are a bit confusing. It is difficult for new people to navigate. Only the local population have proper knowledge of the roads here. So, do not diverge to any road you are not aware of.


  • There are little criss-cross roads in the Meghalaya which are very confusing
  • Many of the tourists have forgotten their way while traveling in Meghalaya

5. Be careful of military actions

There are some political problems in some of the regions in the Meghalaya so, military actions are pretty common. Therefore tourists are requested track of daily local news in Meghalaya and try to be updated about the problems in the region. Tourists also need to follow the guidelines led down by the tourism department in Meghalaya.


  • There is no need to worry much regarding the military actions here, as the military officials are much friendly and cooperative with the tourists
  • It is recommended that the tourists should keep their necessary id proofs ready in such situations

6. Do not spoil the public places

Apart from natural beauty, the Meghalaya is also well-known for cleanliness. Here you can easily find many clean roads, market places and public places. Tourists need to be extra careful regarding cleanliness and they should ensure that they do not defile the public places. Sometimes people plundering places are even fined. So keep the region as clean as possible.


  • Many of the tourists have really appreciated the cleanliness in this region
  • Government of Meghalaya has also taken extra steps to maintain the cleanliness of the state

7. Taste the local food

When you travel to the North East states in India, you will surely get to see some amazing places here. However, when it comes to the food you will come across some unique food to try here. There are many different dishes in Meghalaya which may be or may not be liked by the different tourists visiting here. So it is advisable that you do your research about the food available here.


  • Some of the local dishes here are Doh Khlieh, Nahkham, Jadoh, etc.
  • Many of the tourists like the different dishes here

8. Hire a genuine travel guide

There are many locations in Meghalaya which are worth seeing for the travellers. The common regret that many tourists generally experience here is their inability to visit the maximum number of wondrous destination in Meghalaya, due to a limited time frame and location of the places being too far apart from one another. Here, hiring a proper travel guide can help you considerably in visiting a maximum number of places by guiding you through shortcut routes. They will also acquaint you regarding the specialities of each place.


  • Cherrapunji is one of the most visited places by tourist in Meghalaya
  • It is recommended that one should guide a known or trusted travel guide here

9. Safeguard your luggage

Wherever you visit in Meghalaya, it is always better that you safeguard your luggage properly. There are some locations where theft is a common problem. These people always target the belongings of a tourist. Also, when you book a room in the hotels, always keep in mind to lock your room properly. It is always better to not trust an unknown person.


  • There are some of the tourists who had lost their luggage due to their negligence
  • Do not keep big amount of cash in you bags and pockets

10. Many of the regions does not have mobile connectivity

Meghalaya being an area covered mostly in thick forests, at some point your mobile may not be able to pick up a signal. Many tourists are not aware of this fact and they land in trouble when they want to make an urgent call or are expecting an urgent call while travelling. So, tourist should make all necessary calls wherever they find a network.


  • Many of the tourists have faced the network problems while traveling in Meghalaya
  • While visiting any place here it is always better to know regarding the availability of the phone network here

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