Travel India, Travel NortheEast: 10 Unexplored tourist destinations in Tripura

Tripura State Museum

Image courtesy: Sharada Prasad CS

Tripura is one of the smaller states, which lies in the north-eastern region of India. This state is surrounded from all the three sides by the Republic of Bangladesh. This state is having nice natural beauties comprising of attractive mountains, mesmerizing valleys, gorges and swift flowing rivers. There are many unexplored places in Tripura, which the tourists MUST visit. We will now see some of the unexplored places to visit in Tripura:

1. Jampui Hills

The Jampui Hills is one of the most visited destinations in the Tripura. Here you can find eye catching mountains, attractive valleys. The orange orchards found here are very fantastic. The tourists do visit this place in large numbers along with their friends and families. Due to the stretching of this mountains in the North – South direction, the sunrise and sunset looks very wonderful here.


  • The height of this hills is around 1000 meters above the sea level
  • The state government has started Eden Tourist Lodge for the tourists and also given many facilities to increase the tourism here

2. Jagannath Temple

The Jagganath temple is one of the awesome temple in Tripura. The exterior and interior architecture is very fabulous. This temple is very large, dedicated to Lord Jagannath. Also, the Balabhadra and Subhadra are been worshiped here. This place is very holy to many of the devotees coming here. The tourists also visit in large numbers to this great temple.


  • Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya has built this temple in the 19th century
  • The orange steps of this temple looks very fantastic

3. Sundari Temple

The Sundari Temple is one of the holy temple in the Tripura state. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali and is situated in the Udaipur region. The very fact that it is one of the 51 Shakti peethas has drawn many of the devotees here. The architecture of this temple is very beautiful liked by many people. The Hindu tourists should surely visit this temple.


  • The Goddess Kali is worshipped in the form of “Soroshi”
  • The Mela which takes place in Diwali is very popular

4. Neermahal Palace

The Neemahal Palace is one of the most visited destination in the Tripura. The name Neermahal is given due to the location of this palace in the water. The panoramic view of this palace really stuns many of the tourists. This palace is situated over large area and has very attractive view. The palace contains playing rooms, guest rooms, courtyard, etc. This is really a  must watch palace in the Tripura.


  • There are total 24 rooms in the palace
  • One needs to go by boats to visit in palace

5. Udaipur

Udaipur is a beautiful city situated near the river Gomati. This city has many of the lakes, which is why it is called as the city of lakes. Some of the lakes here are Kalyan Sagar, Amar sagar, Jagannath Dighi, Bijoy Sagar, etc. Many of the tourists come here and have the view of beautiful lakes. This place is really becoming one of the nice destination for the tourists.


  • Udaipur is the 3rd largest town in the Tripura state
  • The library named “Nazrul Granthagar” is also nice place to visit here

6. Ujjayanta Palace

The Ujjayanta Palace is one of the royal palace in the Tripura. This palace looks very mesmerizing with grassy land, artificial lakes, attractive fountains and the royal entrance of the palace. The tourists come here in large numbers and are amazed to watch this royal palace. This palace is now a state museum showing tradition, culture, arts and lifestyle.


  • The name Ujjayanta Palace is given by “Rabindranath Tagore”
  • This palace was first built in 1862, which later got damaged due to earthquake, however this palace was rebuilt again

7. Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sipahijala wildlife sanctuary is another nice to place to visit in the Tripura. Here one can find variety of species of animals like elephants, tigers, leopards, monkeys, rhinoceros, etc. Also, different species of birds have attracted many of the tourists. The tourist can also enjoy the elephant ride, boating in the lakes, coffee plantation, etc. One should definitely visit this place here to have some thrilling experience.


  • There are about 150 species of birds here and many migratory birds comes here
  • The accommodation facility given in the DAK bungalow is really very nice experience

8. Kalapania Nature Park

The Kalapania Nature Park is very awesome destination in Tripura, which is visited by many of the tourists. The swift ride done in this park will really give you a good relaxation to the mind. The clean lake, hillock lands, the lush green land looks very fabulous. The tourist really should come and visit this awesome place making their tour special in real sense.


  • The construction of this park started in the year 2000 and it took 7 years to complete
  • This place is slowly gaining momentum for the nice place for the tourists

9. Rabindra Kanan

The Rabindra Kanan is located near the Raj Bhawan. This happens to be a beautiful place where the tourist can really come with their families and have some fun here. The place is having nice lush green cover with the abundance of flowers here. The people can really feel very relaxed place here. The “puppet house” is really very amusing for the tourists here.


  • The Assam Rifles canteen provides some of the delicious dishes for the tourists coming here
  • One can find variety of flowers here

10. Chabimura

The Chabimra is an attractive place in the Tripura. This is a beautiful archaeological place which is having some beautiful carved images, fantastic rock sculptures. There are total of 37 rock cut images which includes the images of Ganesha, Kartikeya, Mahishasuramardini, Durga and various other images. The tourist are really eager to watch this images. This is really wonderful place for the tourists.


  • This place is 75 km away from the Agartala
  • There are some of the tribal groups of people staying nearby

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