Travel India, Summer Destinations: 10 Best trekking routes in Sikkim


Image courtesy: Richard Bogle

The mountainous area of Sikkim is one of the best destinations for the trek loving people. The topography of Sikkim includes scenic beauties, attractive mountains, beautiful slopes, etc. All these factors many trekkers. The trekkers create nice moments here and they visit every year. You can find many trekking routes in Sikkim. However, there are a few top trekking routes which are marvellous and gives great pleasure.

Lets see some of the 10 popular trekking routes in Sikkim:

1. Sandakphu Trek

The Sandhakphu trek is one of the best treks in the Sikkim. The entire trek takes around 5 to 6 days to complete as the mountains here are very vast and dense. Once you reach the highest point you are welcomed by a panoramic view of the surrounding region. Autumn is the best time to witness the lush green mountains in its full beauty.


  • The trekkers can have some rest in some of the villages that fall in the route
  • At the highest point, you can easily view the Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Mount Everest and Makalu

2. Goecha La Trek

The Goecha La Trek is a popular trekking route in Sikkim. The height of the Goecha La Trek is about 16.207 ft. The trekkers can experience the beautiful landscape while trekking. However, due to the extreme weather conditions, it is suggested that it should be done by only experienced trekkers. The beautiful orchids surrounding this region will also catch your attention.


  • The view of the Mt.Kanchenjunga can be easily viewed from this mountain
  • As this trek is considered to be a little difficult, it is recommended that a medical check up should be done before starting the trek

3. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

The Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is an incredible trekking route. While taking a trek here one can admire the beautiful floral diversity. Different species of birds found here are phenomenal. The base of this trek is wondrous and is liked by many trekkers. One can even view beautiful dwarf shrubs here.


  • The view of the mountains like Thangsing, Tshoka, Kokchorung, etc. are very easily view able
  • The travelers coming here should definitely do the medical check up

4. Tosar Lake Trek

The Tosar Lake is located beautifully between Chola Range and Mangan Ridge. The trek begins from Naksuk. Once the trekkers move ahead they can easily view the floral and the faunal diversity found in this region. The fabulous broad-leaved species, soggy temperate forest and bamboos attract the minds of many trekkers.


  • The local people here consider this trek as sacred and they worship it
  • Different species of birds can be found here

5. Singalila Trek

This is a picturesque location which is attractive to look at. Throughout the trek, you come across beautiful forests, valleys and tea gardens. The people trekking in groups enjoy the journey, as they can see beautiful trees surrounding and the sweet voice of birds enchanting them. This route is well connected with the neighbouring country of Nepal. This trek is an enjoyable experience.


  • The Oak trees are in abundance in this route
  • This trek route is also called as Uttarey Chewabhangyang Trek

6. Dzongri Trek

The Dzongri trek is a famous trekking route in the Sikkim. The scenic beauty of Dzongri Trek has always attracted many tourists here. The vegetation, flowers and lush valleys have constantly fascinated many trek loving people here. The beautiful landscape in this trek easily catches the attention of any person.


  • This location is situated at an height of more than 4000 metres
  • This is one of the ideal treks for the new comers

7. Rhododendron Trek

The Rhododendron is an outstanding trek route for many people who fancy trekking. The scenic beauty around this trek route is phenomenal, with beautiful flowers and green lush vegetation seen all around. Another peculiarity regarding this trek is that one can easily plan for the medium and high altitude trek here.


  • This trek is considered as one of the easiest hiking in the Sikkim
  • The range of Kanchenjunga  can be easily viewed from the top here

8. Varsey Trek

The Varsey trek is an amazing trek route which is surrounded by beauty. While trekking one can easily see the pink and red rhododendrons. The slopes, valleys and green vegetation around this trek looks very thrilling. The floral faunal diversity alongside gives pleasure to trekkers.


  • The height of this trek is around 3300 meters
  • This trek is located around Indo-Nepal border

9. Everest Singalila Trek

The Everest Sangalila Trek is a thrilling trek route, visited by trek loving people every year. The high dense forest and the unusual routes for the treks make this trek very sophisticated. A variety of trees are found here. The trekkers can easily carry heavy bags on this trek as the slope here is medium steep.


  • This trek covers the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary
  • Different birds like Himalayan Monal, Parrotbill, Tits, Laughing Thrushes and many more can be easily seen here

10. Green Lake Trek

The Green Lake Trek is another brilliant trekking route which is liked by many trek lovers. This route has wonderful biodiversity with mesmerizing mountains and lush greenery all around. It is amazing to watch the variety of birds mingling in the trees. This is one trek route worth visiting.


  • The Kanchenjunga peak can be easily seen from the top of this mountain
  • The trek is having the altitude of more than 5000 meters

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