Travel India, Summer Destinations: 10 Best trekking routes in Uttarakhand

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Uttarakhand is referred to as ‘Dev Bhumi’ which means the Land of Gods. Also, it is the land of the best hill stations. The state is the true paradise for adventure and trekkers. Uttarakhand houses Nanda Devi which is the second highest mountain in India. People from all over the globe love visiting Uttarakhand as it is the host to adventure and spiritual tourism.

1. Roopkund Trek

The trek to Roopkund lake is extremely adventurous. This lake is also known as Skeleton Lake- a mysterious glacier lake, which is quite famous for the unsolved mystery of human skeletons seen there. When the snow melts, human bones and skeletons are visible at the bottom of the lake. The trek is on a high altitude and it can be a challenge for a novice trekker.


2. Kuari Pass Trek

It is also known as Curzon’s Trail because it is believed to be first discovered by Lord Curzon. The trek offers mesmerizing views of the famous peaks such as Gauri Parvat, Nanda Devi, Neelkanth, Kedarnath, and many others. The visitors also get to enjoy the walk in the thick forests of bamboo, oak, birch, and conifer. So, the trek is perfect to enjoy and experience nature’s beauty.


  • Kuari Pass Trek is an easy trek so it is just perfect for novices.
  • The trek can be covered in 10 to 12 days.

3. Rupin Pass Trek

An adventurous route through the rocks, wooden bridges, mesmerizing rivers, dense Deodar forests and snow covered fields among the few other things that one encounters in Rupin Pass Trek. It is also a high altitude trek which is around 4600 meters above sea level. If you want to escape in the beauty of nature then this trek is perfect for you.


  • It is an average trek but sometimes the snow intensity can make it a difficult one
  • Rupin Pass Trek can be covered in 10 to 15 days

4. Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun Trek lies at the altitude of around 3500 meters in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas. The trekkers enjoy panoramic peak views and calm walk in dense forests. It is believed to be a place from where the Pandava brothers left for heaven. So Har Ki Dun has a great significance among Hindus also.


  • Har Ki Dun is an easy to moderate trek
  • It can be covered in 8 to 10 days

5. Bali Pass Trek

The Bali Pass Trek is a well-known trekking path to Yamunotri which is the emanation point of the river Yamuna. The trek is through the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, which has some magnificent flora and fauna. Amidst the trek trail, there are beautiful exotic views of rivers, mountains, trees and wildlife.


  • It is situated at the high altitude of 4800m and is a moderate trek
  • It can be covered in 12 to 15 days

6. Chopta-Chandrashila Trek

If you are looking for perfect trails for trekking in winter, then Chopta to Chandrashila trek is right for you. The charming views amidst the trail are definitely worth all the efforts and hard-work. The trek begins from Ukhimath; trekkers arrive at the village Chopta through Deoria Tal. Then the trek continues to the miraculous Chandrashila summit via Tungnath which is the main base camp of this trek route.


  • It is at the high altitude of around 5000m above sea level
  • It can be covered in 6 to 8 days

7. Pindari Glacier Trek

Referred to as “Soul of Kumaon”, the  Pindari Glacier Trek has always stolen the hearts of trekkers. You get the experience of being in the universe of splendid glaciers as it is housed between Nanda Devi and  Nanda Kot peaks. The beautiful views of colorific blooms, the dense forests, exotic mountains, the mesmerizing sounds of drifting rivers and picturesque waterfalls, it is all that the trek has to offer to nature lovers.


  • The trek is housed at the altitude of about 4200m above sea level
  • The duration of this trek is 8 to 12 days

8. Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of Flowers Trek is the paradise for nature lovers. There are sleek trails and terrains throughout the trek that offer the sublime views of wildflowers that you might have never seen before. The splendid aroma of colorful blooms will help you to de-stress and revel in nature’s beauty.


  • An easy trek, so it is perfect for novices
  • The duration of Valley of Flowers Trek is 6 to 8 days

9. Dayara Bugyal–Dodital Trek

Dayara Bugyal–Dodital Trek is perfect for the people that seek the opportunities for trekking and skiing simultaneously. In the  winter season, this trek route is entirely covered with snow that lets you enjoy the adventures of skiing and trekking. You embark on the trek through Barsu and Barnala. Bugyal that continues to climb above Barnala ridge, then you walk amidst the trails of thick forests to Nimdhar and finally arrive at Dodital where you can enjoy mesmerizing scenes.


  • The trek is located above 4150 sea level and is a moderate to tough route
  • You can cover it in 8 to 10 days

10. Kedartal Trek

The trek begins from Gangotri to Kedarnath and Bhoj Kharak, which takes you to Kedartal. Majestic nature, glacial lakes, snow capped mountain views and wonderful serenity are a few things that define this gorgeous trek. You can also see rare wild animal at Kedartal, if you are lucky. If you love picturesque natural beauty and want to relax amidst this, then this is just perfect trek for you.


  • The trek is at the altitude of around 4900 m
  • It is a moderate trek but can turn out to be a tough one and can be covered in 9 to 10 days

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