Travel India: 10 Places you MUST visit in Jharkhand; #2 will blow your mind

Beautiful Jharkhand

Image courtesy: Wasim Raja

Jharkhand is a beautiful, culturally rich state in the Eastern side of India. The state is famous for its mineral resources. The state has some of the awesome scenic places like mountains, waterfalls, holy shrines and many of the places which are worth visiting for the tourists. The state also has a wonderful set of floral and fauna diversity. There are many of the places in Jharkhand which are visited by many of the tourists in large numbers. Let us see 10 best places to visit in Jharkhand:

1. Ranchi

Ranchi happens to be one of the very developed and beautiful city in Jharkhand. Apart from being the capital of the Jharkhand state, the Ranchi city also has some of the beautiful tourists spots. The city has some wonderful waterfalls like Dassam Falls, Hundru Falls, Paanch Gagh Falls, etc. The Pahari Mandir is  visited by many of the tourists. The Jagannathpur Temple is a very important temple here.


  • Ranchi is also called as the “City of Waterfalls”
  • Ranchi has been selected as one of the smart cities in India.

2. Netarhat

Netharhat is a very popular hill station in the Jharkhand. The place is located very beautifully in the green mountains which really looks fabulous. This place also has some of the wonderful waterfalls. The sunrise and sunset looks very glorious from this place. Many tourists visit this place in large numbers.


  • Netharhat is also called as the “Queen of Chota Nagpur”
  • The Koel View Point is the most visited place by tourists in Netharhat

3. Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur is a very large city in Jharkhand. The first Iron and Steel company of India was set up by Jamshetji Tata in Jamshedpur. Many tourists come here to have an insight view of the company. Apart from this, the city is also endowed with nice natural beauty. Some popular and well maintained parks, the Jubilee Park, Modi Garden and many more such parks contribute to the tourist footfall. You will know doubt be attracted to the greenery all around. The tourists can also visit some of the smaller lakes situated along the fringes of the city, namely the Dimna Lake.


  • Jamshhedpur is also known as the “Steel City of India”
  • The name Jamshedpur is given in honor of the businessman Jamshetji Tata

4. Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh is a well-known hill station in Jharkhand. This hill station is located very nicely in a green mountainous area. The cool and pleasant Hazaribagh lake situated here is also one of the main attractions here. The tourists have some of the very enjoyable moments here.


  • The Barso Pani Cave is an attractive destination here
  • The meaning of the name Hazaribagh means 1000 “hazari” and  grounds “bagh”

5. Bokaro

Bokaro is a nicely developed town in the Jharkhand. The town has some very contributing deposits of coal. This place also has many of the natural sites which has been luring many of the tourists. The Bokaro steel plant is another site here, which is really worth watching. Many of the tourists have some wonderful moments here.


  • Bokaro has large number of coal deposits widespread area
  • Gayatri Mandir is a very famous temple here

6. Ghatshila

Ghatshila is a very popular hill station in Jharkhand. This hill station is a very strategic tourist spot in the backdrop of Subarnarekha river. The nature loving people will definitely like visiting this place. The Burudi dam situated near this hill station is liked by many of the tourists. The tourists coming to Jharkhand surely do visit this wonderful hill station.


  • The Dharagiri Falls is a very adventurous spot here
  • The winter season is the best season to visit the Ghatshila spot

7. Deoghar

Deoghar is a religious place in Jharkhand, where you can find many temples. The Baba Baidyanath temple located in Deoghar is a very popular temple in the whole of India. Many of the devotees come to visit this place from faraway place. Apart from this, the location of this place is also very beautiful where big green forests area propagate serenity and peace of mind. The tourists have very enjoyable moments in this place.


  • Jaisar Children’s Park located in this place is a nice amusement place fot the children
  • Deoghar is also popular with name as “Baidyanath Dham”

8. Giridih

Giridih town is situated along the mountainous region which adds to the scenic beauty of the town. The lush green forests and attractive natural scenaries are liked by many of the tourists coming here. In Giridh town, you will find many of the temples which has made the town a really religious place. The place has also well known for the center of the Indian Statistical Institute.


  • This Giridh was earlier included in Hazaribagh town, now it is its own city
  • The Usri Fall is a very adventutous spot to visit here

9. Dhanbad

The Dhanbad happens to be one of the well-developed cities in Jharkhand. This place has some nice deposits of coal mines. Though, this place has very few hill and picturesque places to visit, however, here one can find various different marketplaces. Many different types of clothes and apparels are available in this city. This place is well connected by the railway network.


  • Dhanbad is also called as the “Coal Capital of India”
  • The Maithon Dam is very wonderful dam in the Dhanbad

10. Sahibganj

The Sahibganj is a very attractive place to visit in Jharkhand. The dense forest offers some nice opportunity for the adventure loving people, as trekking is also one of the popular adventure activity in Jharkhand. The view of river Ganga is visited by many of the tourists coming here. This is one of the cosmopolitan place as many of the people from neighboring state are earning their livelihood. This has become a popular tourist place because of it’s scenic beauty.


  • The Moti Waterfall is a very attractive place in Sahibganj
  • The name Sahibganj is given as many of the English people used to work here during British India period

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  1. Nicely written post with beautifully articulated information.

    Jharkhand is known as the ‘land of forests’ with one-third of its total area covered under forest. The state is the 16th largest by area and the 14th largest by population and is known for its greenery, wildlife, waterfalls, hills, lakes and sacred places.

    Do read our blog Tripinfi as well.


  2. Wonderful blog, Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand. It is famous for its beautiful geography, hills, forest and of course waterfalls. I really like this post it is very interesting information about visiting places in Ranchi.


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