Travel India: 10 Popular Weekend Destinations near Bengaluru

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Image courtesy: Soham Banerjee

Bengaluru is one of the most developed metropolitan cities in India. Its tremendous progress in IT sector has also earned it the name ‘Silicon Valley of India’. Bengaluru is a very busy city where people have a very strict work schedule. There are many places around Bengaluru where people can go on the weekends and holidays, to enjoy some relaxing moments. These weekend destinations around Bengaluru consist of waterfalls, mountains, cultural places etc. These places rejuvenate the minds of visitors. Here’s a list of the 10 popular weekend destinations around Bengaluru:

1. Srirangapatna

Srirangapatna is a very beautiful place near Bengaluru. This place is around 120 kms from Bengaluru. It has some of the most beautiful and picturesque places. This place is religiously and culturally very important. The beautiful Kaveri river flowing through the Srirangapatna area gives the place a very panoramic view. The Ranganathaswamy Temple situated here is also visited by many people. This place is easily liked by all the tourists coming here.


  • Shivanasamudra Falls is amazing and is the second highest waterfall in India
  • The great Vijayanagar empire also gave significant importance to this place

2. Biligiriranga Hills

The Biligirirangana Hills is a very nice destination lying around 180 km from Bengaluru. This place is very nicely located on the confluence of Western and Eastern Ghats. This place is also home to the Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the main attractions for people visiting here. This wildlife sanctuary is host to some very nice floral and fauna diversity.


  • This place is named after Biligiriranganatha Swamy Temple located here
  • This place is also home to semi-nomadic Soliga tribe people

3. Somnathpur

Somnathpur is a very beautiful place well-known for the temple of Prasanna Chennakeshava. This temple has a very beautiful architecture, which comprises of three beautiful Vimanas and three shrines. The idols of Keshava, Janardhana and Venugopala look wonderful here. The architecture of this temple reflects the Hoysala architectural style and beauty. This place is visited by many tourists.


  • In the year 1268, Somnatha had built this temple
  • Archaeological Survey of India has included this temple in the heritage sites of India

4. Hogenakkal Falls

The Hognekkal Falls is an awesome site situated just 148 km away from Bengaluru. This waterfall receives water from the Kaveri river. The carbonite rocks that are seen here look amazing. Many youngsters come here on the weekends and spend enjoyable moments. This place surely refreshes one’s mood very enthusiastically.


  • This place is also called the ‘Niagara Falls of India’
  • The Government is planning to use this water for drinking purpose

5. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills is a very wonderful hill station which is situated in the Andhra Pradesh state. Comparatively this place is a bit farther away from Bengaluru, however, this place still remains the preferred destination of many people from Bengaluru. This place has lush green valleys equipped with cool and pleasant weather. There are many attractive resorts too present here making the place worthwhile for a stay.


  • This place is suitable to visit all through the year
  • The place is also known as “Horsleykonda”

6. Balmuri and Edumuri Waterfalls

The Balmuri and Edmuri waterfalls are one of the marvelous destinations situated around 135 km from Bengaluru. These waterfalls have swift flowing water which falls very gently providing enjoyable moments for the people visiting this place. Many types of water games are played by the visiting crowd. There is an ancient Lord Ganesha temple nearby the Edmuri Waterfalls which is visited by most of the people coming here.


  • These waterfalls are not natural ones, they are actually man made
  • People from Bengaluru and Mysore both visit in large numbers here

7. Lepakshi

The Lepakshi village is actually situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh and is around 120 km from Bengaluru. This place gained significance during the Vijaynagar empire. This place is very famous for the Veerbhadra Temple located here. This temple has three important shrines of Shiva, Vishnu and Veerabhadra. This temple is architecturally fabulous. People visit this place in droves.


  • The temples have beautifully Mural paintings
  • There are other temples nearby too like Papanatheswara, Srirama, Raghunatha and Durga

8. Shravanabelagola

Shravanabelagola is a very popular place located around 135 km from Bengaluru. Shravanabelagola is well-known for the Jain temple situated here and has been one of the major temples for Jain pilgrimage. The 58 feet great Bahubali statue is one of the main attractions for the people coming here. Many people from Bengaluru visit this place during the weekends.


  • At the top of the hill you can find the Gomateswara Temple
  • The great king Chandragupta Maurya breathed his last at this place

9. Mysore

Mysore is a very nice destination which can be easily visited during the weekends. It is located just a few hours from Bengaluru. Mysore happens to be the second most developed city in the state of Karnataka. Mysore has many places to visit, like palaces, temples, museums and gardens. Mysore is a culturally rich city. Tourists in large numbers visit this place.


  • Mysore was earlier ruled by the Wodeyar family
  • This place is also called the Cultural Capital of Karnataka

10. Yelagiri Hills

The Yelagiri Hills are one of the best destinations, situated around 170 km from Bengaluru. This place has spectacular views which makes your trip more exciting. There are also many small and big waterfalls here which are really amazing. There are many rose gardens and orchards which looks wonderful. This place is visited by many people.


  • The Swamimalai Hill is located at a height of 4338 ft
  • This place was earlier known as “Vellore”

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