Travel India: 10 Most Essential Tips for Your Next Trip to Bihar, Read #1 Carefully

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Image courtesy: Sankara Subramanian

The state of Bihar is situated on the northern side of India. Most of the people in this state live in rural areas and very few people stay in urban areas. This state has been a region known for being home to some great imperials of India like the Maurya and Gupta empire. There are various places in Bihar, which are visited by many of the tourists around the world. Here you can find many of the culturally and historically important places. However, while travelling in Bihar one needs to follow certain tips which will make the tour more safe yet enjoyable. Let us see the 10 travel tips to be followed when in Bihar:

1. Woman should not trust any stranger

Bihar is a nice state to travel to. However, the state is not too safe for women. Women who travel to Bihar, are requested not to trust any strangers. They can be dangerous and may create trouble for them. However, women should also be well aware of some of the safety measures that they need to consider.


  • It is better that the woman here should wear full clothes while travelling
  • There were sokme cases in Bihar where the woman had faced some problems

2. Keeping Id proofs

When travelling in Bihar, there is a possibility that you may face check-ups by government officials. These check-ups are basically from the security point of view. If you do not carry a proper Id proof then most probably you may have to face a little problem and your tour may get ruined. So it is better if you carry some proper Id proof at all times, just to make your tour nicer.


  • Carrying a Pan Card, Aadhar Card and Driving License is always better Id proof
  • Many of the tourist who did not carry the Id proof had faced some problems

3. Carrying the woolen clothes in winter

The winters in Bihar can be very cold. The tourist coming here, frequently face this problem of cold climate. Things become more difficult when you are with your kids. Travelling in the morning and at night becomes difficult in these occasions. So, do carry some woollen clothing which will help keep you and your dear ones a little warm protecting from the cold climate.


  • In winter season, the average temperature in Bihar is between 11 to 14 degree
  • The cold climate in Bihar is liked by many tourists

4. Avoid keeping expensive items in busy streets

There are some busy streets in Bihar, which are not safe for your valuable items. When you travel in Bihar, do keep your valuable belongings with yourself. Also, it would be better if you avoid bringing these items out with you. There are more possibilities of these items getting stolen if brought out. Also, do keep a habit of keeping ATM cards rather than cash.


  • Some tourists had lost few of the items in the busy streets
  • Also, do keep your wallet in the front pocket instead of back pockets

5. Know the weather

When travelling in Bihar, do keep track of the weather of the place which you will be visiting. In Bihar, the weather can be quite uncertain and may arrive at any time. So do keep track of the weather and find out if there’s any chance of heavy or low rainfall. Also, there is thick fog cover during morning time in Bihar. So, whenever there is dense fog you should avoid going out.


  • Some times, heavy fog had led to the small and big accidents
  • Many a times, Bihar had experienced heavy rains in the rainy season

6. Protect the kids in fairs

The fairs in Bihar can be quite exciting and interesting. You will find huge crowds of people at them. There are several occasions, where the parents have lost their kids in fairs. So, keep your kids close and make sure that they don’t wander off anywhere. Do not permit your kids to go off roaming in odd places.


  • The small kids should be given proper advice by parents before going to the fair
  • The Sonepur fair is very famous in Bihar

7. Couples should not exaggerate their love in public places

The tourists coming in Bihar should always try to maintain discipline whenever they are walking in public places. Many of the couples do share nice experiences here. They enjoy the fantastic weather of Bihar. However, couples should always take care that their behavior is proper in the pubic places. Do not exaggerate your love for your partner, when you are out in public.


  • Many of the couples try to over exaggerate their love in public places
  • The local people have a strong objection over the misbehaviour in the public places

8. Do keep necessary medicine near

The tourists who are prescribed periodic medication should carry some extra medicines with them. There are some of the remote places in Bihar where you will not find a pharmacy that easily. This can be problematic for some people. Also, some tourist may face problems arising because of climate change. Prevention is at all times better than cure, so do keep the necessary medications near to you.


  • The asthama patients should be very careful and should carry all medicine necessary needed
  • In some medical you may not find the needed medicine

9. Avoid the street foods

There are many of the places in the Bihar, where one can come across the salivating variety of street foods. However, try to avoid consuming street foods when you are outside. The street food here isn’t very hygienic, so you need to control your temptations from trying out favourite dishes. Eat food from hygienic places only.


  • Not all the street food are bad from the hygenic point of view
  • Pani Puri and Chole Bhature are some of the delicious street food here

10. Carrying a water bottle

Carry a water bottle when travelling is always advisable. The summers in Bihar can be very hot and you will always feel parched and dehydrated. Some tourists may even find the taste of water to be different here. Also, there are very few shops that maintain a stock of mineral water bottles. So, do carry a bottle of mineral water at all times.


  • There are few shops selling mineral water
  • In Bihar it feels very thirsty during the summer season

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