Travel India: 10 Best Street Food you MUST try in Kolkata

Image courtesy: Soumyadeep Paul

Kolkata happens to be a diverse city and being visited by many tourists from all over India and abroad. Apart from the amazing places in Kolkata, the mouth watering dishes here are also main attractions of the tourists. Kolkata can be considered as a paradise for foodies, and you get a wide variety of nice and delicious street food options. It will be interesting to watch the list of street food options in Kolkata.

1. Fuchka

Fuchka is a very popular local dishes in Kolkata. They belong to the Gol Gappa family. However, the typical delicious taste in Kolkata makes it different from the normal paani puri. Fuchka is liked by most of the people residing in the Kolkata. The puri are stuffed with various items like potato, tamarind chutney and various spices mixed in it, making it a very likable dish.


  • Fuchka are slightly bigger in size than the paani puri
  • Fuchka can be easily seen in many of the streets of Kolkata

2. Churmur

Churmur is another delicious street food found in Kolkata. It is a mixture of crushed Fuchka, tamarind water, smashed potatoes and flavor of various spices. This dish is one of the most liked dishes by people in Kolkata. Many of the tourists coming from different places like having this dish.


  • Most of the food streets in Kolkata has the Churmur menu in it.
  • This dish is relatively cheaper in cost

3. Bhelpuri

Bhelpuri is a well-known street food item in India, and have a special distinction in Kolkata. This tasty food item consists of various ingredients like chopped onion, muri (puffed rice), potato, sev, coriander, tamarind chutney, sweet chilli chutney, etc. The taste of the bhelpuri is fantastic and attracts several people.


  • Bhelpuri is favorite food item of many office goers
  • Bhelpuri has various variations like sev papdi chaat, sevpuri, dahi puri and sev papdi chaat

4. Ghugni Chaat

Ghugni Chat is a very popular street food item in the Kolkata. This is made from the white or yellow boiled peas. The Ghugni chaat loving people come here with great enthusiasm, making a big crowd near the stall selling this item. Many people in Kolkata admit that this is one of their favorite dishes.


  • This dish is also eaten with the rotis and breads
  • The spicy Ghugni chaat is more liked by the Kolkata people

5. Jalebi

Jalebi also known as jilipi is a favorite sweet food of the Kolkata people. This is a sweet dish, its very juicy and tasty. Many people can be easily seen crowding round the sweet shops every morning to get the freshly prepared jilipi. It is also served during various festivals and other special occasions like engagement and marriage.


  • Their are various variations in the jilipi item in Kolkata
  • The chanar jilipi is very famous in Kolkata

6. Jhalmuri

Jhalmuri is one of the most popular street food in the Kolkata. This food stall can be easily seen at many of the corners of the Kolkata street. The Jhalmuri is been made with various ingredients like spices, onions, peanuts, namkeen, puffed rice, chillies, etc.


  • The origination of Jhalmuri was in Bengal
  • Jhalmuri is also served by mobile street hawkers in trains

7. Egg/Chicken rolls

The Egg or Chicken roll is a good treat for the non-veg loving people in Kolkata. The egg and chicken rolls prepared here are awesome in taste. The rolls are added with some of the special salts and spices adding more taste to this street food. Almost all the people in Kolkata prefer eating egg and chicken rolls.


  • The crispy variations made with the chicken rolls are very amazing
  • These rolls are also available in Vegetarian options

8. Fish fry

The fish fry is one of the favorite non vegetarian food item for the people in Kolkata. The fish being available in plenty in kolkata , several people do eat fish fry with great enthusiasm. The people in Kolkata can be easily seen making huge crowds near the stall where fish fry is been served.


  • There are various variations in making the fish fry in the Kolkata
  • The fish fry stalls can be easily seen in many of the streets

9. Samosa

Samosa is one of the most popular street food in Kolkata. This triangular shaped delicacy is found everywhere in Kolkata. This is an excellent snack item includes various ingredients like potatoes, spices, maida, peas, chili peppers, onions, etc.


  • In Kolkata you can find different variations in paneer and cheese
  • Chutney served with the samosa adds more taste to this food item

10. Aloo Kabli

Aloo Kabli is a delicious form of potato-based food item, which you cannot miss in Kolkata. The taste of this food item is awesome. The ingredients in this food item include chickpeas, tomatoes, tomatoes, chilies, onions, etc. Many people is Kolkata are crazy about Aloo Kabli item.


  • Many Kolkata people admit that this one of the best form of potato food item they like
  • Aloo Kabli is often served as a casual evening snack in Kolkata

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