Travel Europe: 10 Travel Tips for Europe, #3 is Invaluable

Nice, France

Image Courtesy: Kristoffer Trolle.

Europe is a gorgeous continent with multiple tourism sites.  Are you also planning to travel to France, Italy, England, or Germany? Are you visiting for the first time? If your answer is yes, then there are a few tips that you should consider to make your trip memorable and hectic free. Have a look at these tips below!

1. Buy discount cards

If you are on the big side of budgeting during your trip, then these discount cards can be very useful for you. Various sites offer these discount cards and you can easily avail them. For example, the “London Pass” is one of the popular London attraction entry discount pass which can help you save a lot of money.


2. Avoid money exchange shops and use ATM

The money exchange counters usually have horrible rates so it is much better to avoid exchanging money over there and bring your ATM card to pay your bills. This will not only save you some money, but some time as well.


3. Find proper accommodation offers/discounts

You must look for the right accommodation before leaving your country. Do proper research online to avail some attractive offers or discounts so that you can be stress-free about your budget and when your destination, you have the right place to rest comfortably.


4. Avoid roaming charges

It can be a big headache if you get a huge phone bill after coming back from your trip because you only used your cell phone for calling your loved ones. But if you use free WI-FI services offered by hotels, restaurants and other places then you can easily use alternate communication methods like social media and email and easily cut off your bills.


5.Where to eat? Plan in advance!

A smart traveller always plans his meals in advance. It is the best way to cut off extra stress to find a right place and it saves you time as well. If you do your research in advance then you can easily find best money saving deals for your meals.


6. Find free attractions to explore

Typically, there are many free tourist attractions where you can have a glimpse without spending a single penny so you can easily travel within your budget and your trip can last longer. For example, top free attractions in Budapest,Hungary, include: Budapest Opera House, Gellért Hill, and St Stephen’s Basilica etc.

7. Learn a few words of the local language

You can’t expect that everyone at the country where you are visiting knows English. Learning their local language, at least basics,  would help you a lot, especially when you are alone and stuck at an unknown place.


8. Consider public transportation

Private cab and taxi rides to travel to the local places are going to consume most of your money. That’s why it is highly advised to use public transportation as it is quite convenient and saves alot of money as well.


9. Buy tickets in advance for tourist attractions

Everyone wants to explore maximum tourism points during his/her trip but it doesn’t mean that you explore the places in a rush. Instead of that you must plan your trip wisely and try to cut off spending extra time in unnecessary activities, like waiting in the lines for tickets. You can simply save a lot of time, if you have the tickets in advance.


10. Grasp local knowledge

You can save a lot of time, money and efforts by grasping local knowledge about best attractions, restaurants, discount cards and transport etc. You can easily get all these details at the tourist information desks. Moreover at these information desks you get 100% right information which makes your travel much easier.


Additionally, there are many other tips that you can consider for a hassle-free trip to Europe, another important tip that would be advisable is that you start reading local food and travel blogs because they can provide you with more insights about the place that you are going to visit.

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