Travel India: 10 Travel Tips for Jammu and Kashmir, #4 is unavoidable


Image courtesy: Ondrej Pospisil

Located in the extreme north of the country, Jammu and Kashmir also known as J&K lie in the lap of the Himalayan mountains. The state is a famous tourist destination as it has a lot to offer. The view of the serene at times snow covered mountains is worth watching. You will surely be amazed by the landscape in J&K. Occasionally, political tension may arise so it is advisable to be more careful. Here, we are sharing some important tips for you so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest:

1. Cooperate with the military

Ongoing political issues in J&K may lead to certain unusual activities in some cases, therefore visitors need to be careful about sudden military actions. It is noteworthy that such unusual activities do not take place all the times.


  • If anything unusual happens then the cops and military officials are always there to offer help.

2. Don’t interact with a stranger

Well, this is an important tip to be kept in mind when travelling to J&k. Don’t trust strangers or else you might land up in trouble. If you require help or have any query you may ask at any travel help desks.


  • Airport help desk is your best friend during this trip

3. Get basic information regarding your trip

Online research can help you gather useful information about the place. This research will ensure a hassle-free journey. There are quite a lot of online books available that will prepare you for your trip. This tip applies not only to J&K but anywhere you travel to.


  • It is better to carry J&K travel map

4. Avoid a Do-it-yourself tour

When it comes to DIY tours to J&K we would strongly recommend avoiding them. Always book your tour from an authorized travel agent. It will not only help you save time but will help you enjoy the trip without any worries.

5. Weather definitely matters!

Since it is a mountainous terrain so you should be aware of the best time to travel there, sometimes the weather can be unpleasant so you are required to check the weather conditions before you book your tour. Since the weather in Jammu and Kashmir is known to be cold because of its location, it is thus highly advised not to forget to carry warm clothes especially if you are planning to go for a trek during the trip.


  • Sometimes, unpleasant weather can cause serious problems like landslide
  • It is better that the women avoid wearing revealing clothes in J&K

6. Carry your passport all the times

It is vital to carry your passport all the time no matter where you are travelling to in the State. Keeping your passport with yourself will help you avoid any problems during sudden circumstances that may occur at any time.

7. Take care of your belongings

When you are travelling to different locations within Jammu and Kashmir, you are advised to be aware of your belongings. Make sure that strangers don’t touch your stuff. You should be careful of your belongings even when you are exiting the airport.


  • Some people lost their stuff in lack of attention. So keep your eyes on the belongings when you are at public places

8. Keep the embassy contact details handy

To every foreign tourist in Jammu and Kashmir, it is highly suggested that they keep their embassy’s contact details along with them all the times. These details can be handy if you are stuck in any legal hassle. Keep the travel agency details along with you as well.


  • Because of some unusual happening you can get in legal trouble so embassy contact and travel agency details will be very helpful if anything happens.

9. Avoid offers or agreements from unknown vendors

When enjoying yourtrip to Jammu and Kashmir, you will come across m any offers and schemes that may appear lucrative at first but note that you cannot accept any such offers from strangers. Just don’t sign any agreements. If you have any query you can contact the travel agency you are affiliated with.


  • There are tons of offers and pamphlets hanging on the walls but they can get you in trouble. Totally avoid them!

10. Avoid street foods and don’t eat “PORK”

Sensitive stomachs should stay away from the street/stall foods if you don’t wish to get sick. Also, keep in mind that eating pork in Kashmir can get you in trouble. So it is highly advised to completely avoid grabbing pork here.


  • The street food is quite spicy and sometimes it can be unhygienic

Jammu and Kashmir is more likely a paradise in India but these small tips can prove to be quite helpful. We hope you liked this post and will keep these tips in mind during your trip.

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