Travel India: 10 Things to Know About Lakshadweep, #3 is Mesmerizing

Kavaratti Beach

Image courtesy: Arun Suresh

Lakshadweep is a group of thirty-six islands. The coral reefs are one of the major attractions of this place. People all over the globe throng here for the picturesque beauty of the location. Though there are thirty-six islands however not all of them are habitable, most of the islands are inhabitable and the rest require passes and permits from the concerned authorities. Let’s have a look at the unique features that you should be aware of:

1. The Islands of Lakshadweep

These islands are an Indian union territory and are considered to be a major tourist attraction spot. Malayalam is the language used by the locals and it is a predominant language among the mass. The islands are mostly multilingual.


  • The movements of the visitors are restricted to specific places and the rest of the island is not accessible by the visitors. There are few mosques in Kavaratti island, as it the most developed island among the lot.

2. Gastronomical Delights

The predominant local food of these islands is Keralite. But the variety of cuisines provided by the islands will satisfy any gourmet. It is like feasting every day on something new, the platters are always filled with delightful surprises.


  • The seafood is obviously something to look forward to when someone is in any of these islands, and almost all their food items have some element of coconut in them.

3. The Flora and Fauna and the Mesmerizing Ecology

The age-old coral reefs are something which fascinates everybody visiting these islands. There is a fleet of exclusive and exquisite fishes and plants. Sharks, jellyfishes, turtles of different shapes and sizes and also seaweed and shells are some of the prominent elements which make this place attractive and luring for travellers all across the world.


  • The best time to visit these islands is between the months of September to march, during this time period the island remains filled with people all around the globe, who come here for the beach and the sun and the glittering sand.

4. The Position and the Location of the Islands

According to the data provided by the government of India on their official website, the Lakshadweep islands are a group of thirty-six islands and is India’s smallest union territory. These islands cover an area if about thirty-two square kilometres.


  • There are around twelve atolls and ten inhabited islands and around five submerged banks. These islands are two hundred twenty to around four hundred and forty kilometers away from the coastal city of Kochi.

5. The Average Climate

The islands offer a tropical climate and the average temperature lies between twenty-six degrees Celsius to thirty-two degrees Celsius. In these islands, the month of April and May are considered to be the hottest months of the year. Nonetheless, the climatic condition remains a sultry and humid throughout the year.


  • Monsoon takes place here between the months of May to September. During the monsoon period the ships and other forms of water transportation remains strictly prohibited.

6. The Places to Visit and Major Attractions

British built lighthouses are a major tourist attraction of these islands. Kavaratti, Kadmat, Minicoy, Kalpeni, Agatti, and Bangaram are some of the islands that are open for tourists and other people to visit. There are around fifty-two mosques in Kavaratti, which includes the famous Ujra mosque. These mosques were built around the seventeenth century and are now considered to be true works of art.


  •  The architecture is still spellbinding and many people over the globe come down to these islands for these architectural brilliance.    

7. The Government and the Local Administrations

Lakshadweep constitutes a single district and the administrator of this place is chosen by the president of the country. Mr. Farooq Khan is the present administrator of this place. The territory has around ten subdivisions.


  • This union territory comes under the Kerala high court.

8. Religion

Though people from different religion live and coexist together, though, undoubtedly Islam is a predominant religion of Lakshadweep. During the Muslim festivals, the mosques remain overcrowded and a holiday spirit is prevalent in the air. According to statistics, around ninety per cent of the people of these islands follow Islam and the rest of the religious groups include Hindus and Christians. Ubaidullah is considered to be the founding father of Islam in Lakshadweep. Almost the entire Muslim population of this island belongs to the Sunni section of this religion. And other sections like the Wahabis and the Ahamadiyas are found in small clusters and live like minorities.


  •  In spite of this almost all the religious festivals are celebrated with the utmost reverence. The Buddhists settlements existed around six and seven century in this place according to many sources.

9. The History of the Islands

According to many sources, the early history of these islands is mostly unwritten. What is now established as history is, in fact, the oral folklore and anecdotes of many kinds. Cheraman Perumal was the last king of Kerala and many believe that the first settlements in these islands took place during his reign. It is also believed that this king converted to Islam. According to archaeological sources, Amini, Kalpeni Andrott, Kavaratti, and Agatti are considered to be the oldest islands where people dwelled.


  •  During the period of British colonization these grtoup of islands were a part of the Madras Presidency.

10. Tourist Attractions

The lighthouse in Minicoy Island was built around the year 1885 and is about three hundred foot tall; this remains a major attraction throughout the year. Kite surfing in Kadamat island is something tourists visiting this island need to try. The local food and other delicacies are very much influenced by the local people and their habits and customs.


  • Scuba diving in Kalpeni island is very famous and the almost the only way to explore the sea life and the marine ecology. There are always the PADI scuba divers to teach the basics within few minutes.

These variations of Lakshadweep is what attracts tourists to this island every year. To experience the very essence of the place, visit Lakshadweep now!

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