Travel India: 10 Best Souvenirs to Buy in Goa, #3 is Feni-tastic!

Shell Cup Shot in Taj Village Goa

Image courtesy: Swaminathan

Souvenirs in the lovely beach province of Goa are of different sorts and are for the most part made of effortlessly accessible materials like coconuts, sea-shells, paper, beads and metal. Goa ! Speaks to a unique place for everybody and interfaces nearly to this minor little place. There is everything for every one who has a place here. The recollections of being in Goa continually present to you the freshness of the place. And each tourist who has visited here has reclaimed an arrival blessing, a gift or an incredible memory. Each voyager returns back with the best of Goa.

In this article, we have mentioned a portion of the best return gifts/souvenirs which the visitors would jump at the chance to reclaim alongside them. You can purchase these to blessing somebody or to be placed at your home. These will remind them of this wonderful place, and the Best of Goa.

Here are a portion of the best souvenir’s you can plan to find on your holiday to Goa:

1. Sea-Shell Handicrafts:

Sea-shell handicrafts include pieces of jewelry, rings, beautiful day shoes with shell-laden ties, napkins, paperweights and so on. The shells fluctuate in size and shading, running from pale pink to off-white to pale blue white. In case you’re fortunate, the myriad rainbow shades of the mother-of-pearl may very well turned into yours.


  • You’ll find Sea-shell handicrafts being sold in carts on the external edge of beaches or along the touristy ranges of Panjim.

2. Beaded Stuff:

Beaded extras made of natural stones and colored glasses are quintessentially Goa. You will find these being sold near the beaches. These are among the most blazing offering souvenirs and you’ll see sunburnt tourists covered in beaded arm ornaments, pieces of jewelry and special necklaces everywhere throughout the show!


  • The price of these items are quite low and so you can buy them in lots

3. Cashewnuts:

The most loved of all. Goan Cashewnuts are popular by the domestic and remote tourists. There are many brands accessible in Goa. And few reputed brands of Goan starting point like the Zantye’s are of very well known, and they are tagged as the Best of Goa.


  • Cashewnuts shops are accessible at practically every prime spots in Goa.

4. Feni, the Heritage Wine of Goa:

Truly, another most loved among the tourists are the feni’s, urrac’s and the Goan port wines, which have their own particular taste and feel. This mixed refreshments are accessible at all wine stores, you may need to get a few grants to take them in your state/nation. Feni additionally makes a brilliant Goan present for those back home. The best thing about purchasing Feni is that it is very affordable.


  • This nation alcohol is for the most part made from cashew apples, so in the event that you are a teetotaller you can convey back some nearby cashew produce to have a taste of Goa at home.

5. Spices:

Goan Spices, have the history mixed in to them. The flavors in the Goan Spices are different. Numerous tourists adore the Goan fiery masalas accessible here. The best spices are accessible in the Margao market, Panjim Market, Mapusa market, Ponda and couple of seaside towns of Goa.


  • Do not neglect to reclaim a parcel of ready made Goan Recheado Masala or Solam ( made from Kokam or Mango) or even kokam water.

6. Coconut Art:

Coconut art in Goa arrives in an assortment of shapes with the most popular ones being offbeat coconut shells, coir bottles, ashtrays and capacity pockets. Since the incentive as far as time and expertise required really taking shape of coconut art is high, these are the more costly among Goa’s collectables, yet justified regardless of each penny!


  • There are specific shops in Goa where you will be able to find these Coconut Arts.

7. Artworks and Prints:

Goa is indistinguishable from Mario Miranda. A notable Indian painter and cartoonist, Miranda was popular for his Goan pop culture-themed art and personifications. When discussing souvenirs, it can’t get more Goan than this! You need not purchase costly unique works of art; the state has a lot of spots offering products with Miranda’s artwork printed on it.

Visit any of the Mario Miranda Galleries or Panjim market to see his in a flash unmistakable artwork with cartoons of fisherwomen, pot-bellied musicians, and roadside peddlers. These are accessible as tiles, fridge magnets, home décor things, mugs, and even engraved wood pieces.


  • In case you need, you can get customized designs printed as well, on T-shirts, and so on. What better approach to pay tribute to such a legendary artist than to proudly display his work on your rack?

8. Port Wine:

Port wine came to Goa with the Portuguese when they started neighborhood production of wine, the Portuguese left yet wine remained alongside other indications of Portuguese culture. A large portion of the port wines are sweet and genuinely modest.


  • The test is presently with good wineries coming in Goa, the Portuguese are a worried parcel and need to apply geological confinements on calling wines produced in Goa as Port wines.

9. Bebinca:

Carefully prepared with each layer being baked independently, bebinca is a cut of soft, yummy goodness. This decadent Portuguese-inspired dessert can have from five to (at least fifteen) layers—depending on the time and ingredients at hand.


  • A cut of bebinca (accessible in pastry kitchens across Goa), garnished with almonds and served warm with dessert, is a delicious mix hard to stand up to!

10. Wooden Carvings:

Furniture is undoubtedly one the best things to purchase from Goa. Select a couple of antique pieces for your home from the wide scope of furniture with wood carvings and metal work accessible at the beach markets. Trimmed with wonderful metal work, these will add to the magnificence of any home. F


  • From upmarket showrooms and roadside vendors to beach markets – you will find a variety of uncommon and astounding furniture.

Despite these, there are numerous things to purchase in Goa. Here you can buy trendy flip-flops, beachwear’s, totes and adornments from the different bug markets in Goa. Most likely the city has a ton to offer as far as shopping! Make a point to look at costs at different stores previously you settle a deal and a bit of bartering will go far in influencing your wallet to last more! With such a significant number of goodies stowed for them all, individuals, back at home, will surely observe the Santa Claus in you.

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