Travel India: 10 Things to Know about Puducherry

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A curious little town on the south-western coast of India, the union territory of Pondicherry will undoubtedly influence you to feel blissful and calm with the pastel-shaded buildings enhanced by bougainvillea along the many Rues (French for Road) of the White town. Colonized by the French until not a while prior (1954), Pondy is synonymous with the “New meets Old” architecture found here. An enjoyment for spiritual lovers, this is the main city in India that is overflowing with French meets English tasteful.

1. Take the Bus:

The Bus Transport framework is better than average down south, with AC Low floor transports running practically consistently from Chennai to Pondicherry, if you know which specific transport stop to go to. Typically you get seats on the spot, so avoid booking online and paying nearby.


  • Simply check the timings and the stop on the internet.

2. The White Town:

The pleasant Pondicherry with those splendid houses lined along the streets, is just a little segment of the city called The White Town and within that White town, a little bit is what is known as the French quarters, flawlessly mixing with the Tamil and Muslim quarters.


  • Observe the guide beforehand in the event that you are wanting to remain close to the French quarters.

3. Light Cottons:

Pondicherry is extremely hot and muggy for most piece of the year aside from amid rainstorm and winters. Additionally, the vast majority of the budget lodging rooms and in addition bistros don’t not have ACs.


  • It’s best to wear cotton clothes while you are here.

4. Hike a Bike:

There’s no preferred approach to investigate Pondicherry over on a bike, steering along the opposite paths, particularly in the morning hours, along the Promenade when the roads are clear. The culture of this town is a mixture of various impacts. The soul of this town lies in its quietude to welcome people with warm grasps and to treat them like their own. Little peculiarities of this colonial town lie in the generally communicated in Tamil highlighted French, croissants with filter coffee, outsiders driving a hard deal in neighborhood tongue, brilliant red kepis worn by the police… the air of this place floats around endeavoring to catch the consideration of its guests.

Nevertheless, if Goa is the thing that you have as a main priority, at that point likely you’re set out toward disappointment. Dissimilar to Goa, Pondicherry has no detailed set up for tourists; the party scene here is practically by nonexistent. The singularity of this place lies in steering clear of thoughts tourist spots appear to speak to.


  • Pondicherry is well known for its spiritual culture, which reflects in the lifestyle of its inhabitants. The society is a mix of modernity and conventional. Shake free of preconceived thoughts, and approach this city with new eyes, and prepare yourself for surprises.

5. Wake Up Early:

Dissimilar to the western coast of India known for its terrific dusk sees,Pondy shorelines are known for sunrise vistas. There are 4 fundamental shorelines: Promenade shoreline, Auroville shoreline, Paradise shoreline, and Serenity shoreline. They are never excessively crowded and, contrasted with different shorelines in India, the shorelines in Pondicherry are entirely perfect and well kept. And there is nothing very as invigorating as sitting by a lovely shoreline! There are a few things in life that you can never become weary of, and viewing the sunrise is spot over that rundown. And in the event that you need to view a supernatural sunrise, you must be in Pondicherry.


  • That sentiment the sun leaving the dark blue ocean can lift your heart and fill your heart with joy! So get up at the beginning of the day, and investigate the streets and additionally the shoreline.

6. The French Cuisine:

Pondi cuisine is the ideal mix of various cultures and customs. There is a great deal of seafood that can be delighted in Pondicherry and, being in the south, the conventional South Indian toll of idli-dosa is available as well. And on account of the French impact, great steak and wine are served in many eateries. The air of the little eateries all around Pondi adds to the climate. Be prepared to grasp French culture in Pondicherry particularly the cuisine.


  •  A portion of the bistros and pastry kitchens open truly right on time by 8 a.m., so a lavish French breakfast involving French Press and rich croissants ought to be on your registration.

7. Free Traffic Rules:

It won’t come as a surprise to you if you see people not wearing helmets or hopping signals while the traffic police are standing guiltlessly some place.


  • People drive truly impulsive and the weight horns are very irritating.

8. Non Existent Party Scene:

Dissimilar to Goa, the party culture in Pondicherry is practically non-existent remaining consistent with the way that it is celebrated for its spiritual vibe. Most parts of the town close around 11pm.

9. Scuba Diving:

Indeed, you can go scuba diving in the Bay of Bengal in Pondicherry. There are an extensive variety of diving locales, and bundles to look over. They are open all around the year and best of all, you don’t need any related knowledge.

10. Shop Chill and Relax:

As you circumvent the city, the quantity of shops selling differing things is difficult to miss. The legacy and culture of Pondy loan its motivation to the arts and crafts that are delivered locally. The Jawaharlal Nehru Street is the goal for street shops and branded stores.


  • Handmade jewelry, incense, candles, sculptures, lamp shades, paintings, ceramics, eco-friendly clothing, antique colonial furniture the rundown of the things made in Pondicherry goes on.

The eco-friendly and economical standpoint of this town rises above into crafted by craftsmans. Pondicherry is the goal for tastefully shocking and eco-cognizant shopping. Try not to make your itinerary exceptionally frenzied. Abandon some an opportunity to relax and investigate. Sit and read in bistros or have a pleasant visit with local people. 2-3 days is a perfect time to investigate Pondicherry taking care of business.

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  1. Last year my friend had a chance to visit Puducherry and I was amazed about the places you wrote above. I hope that I will travel the place at least once in the life. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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