Travel India: 10 Best Local Dishes You MUST Try in Goa, #3 is Delicious

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The Goan cuisine is an interesting blend of varied flavors. The long stretch of Portuguese rule, other than that of the Hindu and Muslim kingdoms, has left a permanent impact on the original style of Goan cooking and this has prompted an exotic blend of genuinely delectable and spicy cuisine. The vast majority who have tasted Goan cuisine, appreciate this extraordinary and exquisite style of food which has an unmistakable and remarkable mix of spicy flavors.

Here are the 10 Most Popular Dishes of Goa

1. Seafood:

Goa is well known for its seafood, the ‘work of art’ dish being rice and Goan fish curry. There are numerous exotic and really delicious varieties of fish on the menu. Kingfish is likely the most widely recognized thing, on the menu, yet doumer, pomfret, shark, mackerel and tuna are hot favorites too.


  • Among the astounding shellfish available are prawns, crabs, tiger prawns and lobster. Other seafood incorporates mussels and squid. Goa’s delectable fish and coconut based dishes attract people from everywhere throughout the world.

2. Fish Curry:

A mainstream adaptation of fish curry in Goa is the Ambot-Tik which actually means Sour-Spicy. The sour originates from the utilization of the petals of the tart ‘Kokum solam’. Known to be a cooling specialist and honored for its medicinal esteem, the red-colored fruit of ‘Kokum’ is the genuine king of Goan cuisine.


  • Grounded coconut is blended with peppercorns, red chillies, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, ginger and garlic to make a fine paste. Sliced onions, green chillies and tamarind juice are included alongside a cup of water and salt. The mixture is cooked and kokum and dried mango are included process. Afterward, fish is included and is cooked till ready. The dish is a hot favorite of all seafood lovers.

3. Fish Recheado:

Recheado implies stuffed in Portuguese and in this recipe, a fresh whole fish, more often a pomfret or mackerel, is slit open down the inside and stuffed with a spicy red paste, after which it is shallow fried. Mackerel Recheado is one of Goa’s most renowned dishes. Some other fish of your choice can also be served in this type of preperation. The searing red Recheado masala made of garlic, kashmiri red chilies, cumin, tamarind and peppercorns is ground into a smooth however thick paste utilizing vinegar.


  • It is extremely adaptable and can be utilized to get ready numerous other Goan seafood dishes. The Recheado masala can be made and stored in an airtight container for months as the vinegar in it goes about as an additive.

4. Prawn Balchao:

Prawn Balchao is among the must try dishes when you are in Goa. It is a spicy dish with a considerable amount of vinegar, Sugar, red chilly powder and pepper powder. Therefore, this dish is an exotic combination of sweet, tang and hot flavors. The prawns are deep fried and cooked in a mixture of spices. And for the Prawn lovers this is the Goan delicacy which is a must taste, specially made the authentic Goan way.


  • Prawn Balchão is another Goan favorite. Conveyed to Goa by the Portuguese, Balchão originated in Macao, where it is called Balichao. Balchao is a strategy for cooking either prawns or fish in a tangy and dark red sauce. Balchao is relatively similar to pickling and can be made days ahead of time without reheating.

5. Pork:

Many restaurant menus in Goa have pork cuisines on their list and are very popular. In spite of the fact that the Muslims and Hindu’s of the state don’t eat pork as a result of religious requirements, it is generally well known among the Christian community and is in the principle dishes of any celebration or festival.


  • Sorpotel and Vindaloo are among the most renowned pork dishes of Goa alongside their spicy chourico sausages.

6. Pork Vindaloo:

Pork is an absolute necessity for any party occasion in Goa and the most popular arrangement is the vindaloo. There are differing translations of the etymology for this word one being ‘alhos’ for garlic (Portuguese), ‘vinho’ for wine, ‘aloo’ and ‘viande’ for potato and meat (Hindustani and French).


  • It is a spicy blend, garlic, loads of red chilies, cooked with chunks of pork, Goa vinegar, and hard palm jaggery and is best appreciated with plain boiled rice.

7. Sorpotel:

Sorpotel is unarguably the embodiment of Goan Christian cuisine. Adjusted from the Portuguese dish of Sarabulho, it is served customarily at Christmas and on feast days. Sorpotel is one of those great dishes that really features the melange of Goan and Portuguese societies in the cuisine of this state – Goan due to the liberal utilization of spices; Portuguese in view of the utilization of vinegar, which is barely observed somewhere else.


  • Sorpotel is prepared from pork, heart, liver, and kidney, which are all diced and cooked in a thick and extremely spicy sauce favored with red chilies, cloves, cinnamon, showered in tangy hard stuff vinegar, which is expected to adjust the solid taste of pig’s blood: another customary ingredient of this revered dish. The Blood isn’t utilized as a part of late forms of the dish as it isn’t to eceryone’s taste. Sorpotel, as balchao, keeps for a few days, and is really considered to taste better if left for three to four days before being reheated.

8. Chouricos (Spicy Goan Sausages):

Chouricos or Chorizo are spicy pork sausages, which owe more than a passing obligation to Portuguese culinary conventions. Goan sausages are prepared utilized very much salted and spiced 3D shapes of pork. When they have been made, the strings of sausages are dried in the sun and then hung over the fire where they are progressively smoked.


  • Customarily they are eaten at the time of the monsoon, when fish is rare. To set them up, they are absorbed water and then normally fried and presented with a rice and hot sauce.

9. Chicken Cafreal:

A Goan dish of tribal origin is cafreal. It was named after the African troopers or Kaffirs who conveyed it to Goa centuries back. Today, the dish is made by marinating bits of chicken in a paste made of chilies, spices, ginger and garlic and lemon juice and then pan fried or shallow fries till dry. The outcome is somewhat dry, however spicy dish.


  • This is what might as well be called Portuguese-style flame broiled chicken and the sauce it is marinated in tastes a considerable measure like the celebrated Portuguese Peri-peri sauce.

10. Bebinca:

The most renowned Goa’s sweetmeats is bebinca otherwise called bibik. It is a superb invention produced using endless supply of coconut pancakes. The concentrate of coconut milk is added to sugar, flour, eggs and ghee and other tasty ingredients are utilized to make this delicacy.


  • Each delicious layer must be baked before the following one is included, customarily it has 16 layers however can be made with less or more. The sweet is baked in a uniquely made earth broiler, with hot coal as a source of heat, put above. In spite of the fact that the way toward making bebinca is repetitive process the sweet is a mouth-liquefying dream.

At the time of the stay in Goa everyone needs to attempt the nearby food. The assortment in nearby food is wide to the point that no one can choose promptly the menu for eating. In the event that you are a non-vegetarian then it appears that being in Goa you are at ideal place. The sea food and other non- vegetarian dishes with an exotic creation of spices taste superb after prepared and served in the customary Goan style.

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