10 Awesome Things to Do in Goa. Are you Planning #2?

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Goa – the hub of parties – is a prestigious destination for a laid back vacation away from the monotony of your life. The sunshine province of India draws in voyagers and tourists from across the world with its wondrous mix of happening places, serene and undisturbed suburbs. If you crave for far reaching beaches and wild parties. This place will serve it all on your table, you may very well be demonstrated off-base. From trekking to concealed beaches and investigating forests to inspecting neighborhood cuisine, there’s plenty to try over here. We’ve gathered together 10 of the coolest things to do in Goa on your next trip:

1. Sea Trekking into Neuti Beach:

Ideal for adventure lovers and trekkers, this sea trek takes after a trail that takes you along a hilly landscape, overlooking at the Arabian Sea on to Neuti Beach. Considered a standout amongst the most unblemished beaches in Goa, Neuti shoreline is a genuine enjoyment.


  • In case you’re looking for a touch of history to add to the experience, there’s Neuti Fort, worked by the Maratha king, Shivaji. Laze around on the shore, try your hand at shoreline sports or even try a spot of bluff jumping here, from a 20-feet-high rock overlooking the ocean.

2. Thrilling Speed Boat Ride in Goa:

Despite the fact that water sports and activities are remarkable in Goa, a thrilling speed-boat ride must be on your plan for the day while. Despite the fact that boat rides and cruises are available at different beaches across Goa, we suggest you try out the speed boat ride offered along the river banks of Mandovi.


  • Fixed with mangroves, the shocking views all around are a piece of what makes the experience surprising. Aside from speed-boat rides, there are likewise a significant number particular cruises like the dinner cruise in which you get the chance to indulge in delectable Goan cuisine while enjoying the breathtaking sights around you.

3. Bicycle Trail to Old Goa:

It is frequently said that the genuine beauty of any place can be experienced only by observing it very close, as naturally as could reasonably be expected Goa is the same. While going around in autos may be more helpful for a few, there is very little that can compare to investigating the coast on a bicycle. You can lease a mountain bike and set out on a guided cycling tour.


  • Taking you along soil tracks through hills, forests, fishing villages and little villas, this tour endeavors to epitomize the essence of Goa. Riders are always encouraged to wear defensive apparatus including helmets and be wary while exploring through traffic.

4. Spot Dolphins on Goan Coast:

Why not skirt the shoreline and agree to accept a safari to go and experience a beautiful creature dolphin while you’re in Goa? The best beaches to go on a dolphin safari are Baga beach and Calangute beach, they have a portion of the best associations which can encourage these trips. Visibility in Goa is best between the long stretches of October and May, and this is the best time to go dolphin-spotting.


  • Once more, it is very vital to exercise insurance on this activity, as the boats will dive deep into the sea. Appropriate footwear must be worn to guarantee you don’t slip and tumble off the boat. Additionally, keep in mind your camera to guarantee you get some great shots of the oceanic animals in their characteristic habitat.

5. Snorkeling in Grand Island:

Snorkeling happens to be one of the most bold underwater activities that one can participate in while at the coast. All you require is the correct guidance and clear waters, both of which you will discover in Goa. In this water sport, the jumper is equipped with a veil and a tube and permitted to plunge into a water body with which one should swim through. Snorkeling enables you to investigate the differing marine life that is found in the oceans and if you are lucky, you may even sight the uncommon humpback dolphin.


  • Individuals who know how to swim may think that its substantially less demanding to try their hand at snorkeling. While Sinquerim and Nerul are among the best areas to enjoy this activity, nothing very beats the snorkeling experience at Grand Island.

6. Crabs on Coastal Dinner:

For the individuals who like fishing and seafood, wouldn’t it be a blessing if you could catch your own fish and cook it? That is exactly what this activity offers! Nevertheless, you will get crabs more than fish. This activity occurs at some water assortments of Goa which are not exactly well known with tourists. A few sections of Goa additionally have land regions submerged, making it a perfect spot for crab-hunting. An extraordinary trap called a cobbler (by local people of the Konkan district) is used to catch the crabs here.


  • It is best done when the tide is high as there are higher odds of getting crabs. After you’ve gotten your offer, you can request that your culinary specialist cook them simply the way you like and enjoy a flavorful meal. While considered as an offbeat choice among things to do in Goa, this is a more laidback activity.

7. Surfing on Goa Sea:

The slamming waves at Goa’s beaches are all the requirements for inspiration in case you’re looking to master surfing. Truth be told, all you would require is a surfboard and the eagerness to get the hang of something energizing. With the correct guidance you would be ready to grab control over the waves in a matter of moments! Moving over the waves without breaking out of the characteristic rhythm around him, the surfer uses the surfboard to ride the waves.


  • Aside from focuses and offices which enable you to try your hand at the activity, there are additionally schools in Goa where you can join to wind up noticeably an expert.

8. Water Skiing at Goa:

In the event if surfing isn’t your thing, then you can try your luck with water-skiing! Being an activity that includes moving at a tremendous speed behind a speedboat with a correct stance and an understanding of balance. In water skiing, a man is connected to a boat with the help of a cable. As the boat moves ahead, the individual should traverse the water body by skimming its surface. This is done in many of the beaches in Goa, the absolute most well-known ones being Calangute beach and Baga beach.


  • Also considered one of the harder sports, there are many teachers in Goa who go full scale to encourage even beginners to pro surfing. Nevertheless, appropriate precautionary and safety measures should be guaranteed before you go ahead.

9. Discovery on Mandovi River:

A thrilling water sport that needn’t bother with an untamed ocean, water boating is one more from the list of fun things to do in Goa. This activity gives you a chance to enjoy the rapids of the Mandovi river, which has phenomenal degree for wilderness.


  • Starting with a short jeep safari, the activity brings you into an exhilarating experience in moving waters. The absolute most well known rapids in Goa even have names, for example, “Big Daddy”, “Pipeline” and “Y Fronts”.

10. Kayaking on Goa:

This is another adventure activity which is sought after as a water sport in many parts of the world. In kayaking, the individual is required to explore across water bodies in a canoe-like structure known as a kayak. Kayaks are available at different rental offices. And the rivers of Goa are known to give a portion of the most secure yet most vital kayaking experiences.


  • Mandovi River and Zuafri River are a portion of the rivers frequently used for the activity. Or on the other hand if you need more untamed waters, the immense Arabian Sea is all yours to be investigated.

Contrary to mainstream thinking, Goa is something beyond a party destination, offering many cool activities to indulge in. It is the most looked for after tourist destination in India and with very justifiable reason. Since, you know which the fun things to do in Goa are.

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