10 Best Restaurants in Kolkata, #5 is a MUST

Zen - The Oriental Restaurant, The Park Kolkata

Image CourtesyThe Park Hotels.

Do you preach the words “Food is love” on a daily basis? then Kolkata is the place for you . The city offers a wide array of restaurants serving cuisines from all across the world. Here are 10 restaurants in Kolkata that will leave you smacking your lips.

A much appreciated legacy of the British Empire, Flurys is an English tearoom first established in Kolkata in 1927. It awakens that sweet tooth with its irresistible range of mouth-watering treats that tend to tempt you from the packed display cases. From freshly baked cakes and mouth watering puddings to creamy pastries and fluffy cookies – everyone will be able to explore a delicacy suited to their taste buds and indulge in the sinful pleasure. If pastry without a drink seems odd to you then Flurys offers a wide range of tea along with other beverages such as the famous Belgian hot mocha and the tearoom special Viennese coffee.


  • Housed in an historic and charmingly decorated venue, more than simply a tearoom, Flurys is a veritable institution and should be on the itinerary of anyone visiting Kolkata.

2. Arsalan Park Street:

A popular restaurant in Park Street, Arsalan serves a traditional yet scrumptious variety of Mughlai food, and is best loved by patrons for its exquisite spread of Biryanis. This persian delicacy which first orginated in Iran has been modified and adopted by the people of Kolkata to fit their own taste buds. The fragrance of the rice accompanied by succulent pieces of meat makes Biryani one of the most popular dishes among foodies. And what better place to try Biryani than in Arsalan.


  • Restaurant Arsalan is one of the top places in Kolkata to taste some quality Biryani, but its offerings also include other tantalising delicacies – don’t skip their kebabs!

3. Barbeque Nation:

Barbeque Nation is a chain of restaurants that offer a one-of-a-kind dining experience. A dinner here starts off with five barbecued starters which are the real draw of all Barbecue Nation’s outlets. Each table is equipped with a grill for guests to experience the enjoyment of outdoor barbecue at the comfort of their tables. You can pig out on starters itself until you wish to turn down the little flag that they offer at table. They serve a buffet style main course that is inclusive of all mouth watering north indian delicacies.


  • The extensive spread of dishes offered at Barbeque Nation are influenced by international cuisines, but deeply embedded in India’s national cuisine scene.

4. Banana Leaf:

when we think of south indian food we don’t exactly imagine Kolkata, do we?. owever Banana leaf might be able to change that opinion. Serving south indian dishes since 2002, Banana leaf offers a range of traditional bites like steamed idli’s, fried vadas, ; tossed dosas, served with a side of coconut chutney and how can we forget a typical south indian sambar. If you are feeling a bit experimental you can also go for some south indian pizza, popularly known as a uttapam.


  • Try Banana Leaf for a more elaborate meal – you will be served a platter with a portion of rice in the centre, and all around it a selection of smaller plates containing sambar, rasam, kuttu, potato curry, pickles and other ingredients to season the rice with.

5. Bhojohori Manna:

A traditional Bengali meal usually begins with a selection of fried starters followed by dal and a variety of potatoes and vegetables, either fried or stewed served along with rice which is a staple of any bengali meal. The meal continues with a side of fish or any meat based preparation. If this description was too tempting for you then no need to resist anymore because Bhojohori manna is here to the rescue. With an authentic variety of bengali dishes and deserts and a price that doesn’t bother the pocket that much, Bhojohori Manna is the place for you.


  • With its five-page menu of vegetarian and non-vegetarian specials, curries, dals, servings of rice and pulao, chutney recipes and desserts, restaurant Bhojohori Manna is a great option to experience a typical, tasty Bengali meal.

6. Dum Pukht:

Dum Puhkt is a fine dine restaurant and the first in Asia to have received the prestigious Golden Fork Award. The restaurant aims on reviving the ancient art of dum pukht style of cooking that once was common throughout the India’s royal courts. The dum pukht technique requires that the food be patiently cooked over slow fire in a bottomed and tightly sealed pot commonly known as the handi. Critical to the technique is the addition of herbs and spices, which incorporates their strong aromas and lends incredible flavour to the dish while thoroughly cooking it.


  • Accordingly with the royal theme of the cuisine, the restaurant boasts a stunning, luxurious venue and top-notch service.

7. Kolkata Street Food:

Looking for some tasty treats to indulge yourself in but don’t possess enough cash? Well how about some street food . In fact, Kolkata food has deemed as the best street food destination by the Times of India beating many other cities in the process. Recommended places in the city include James Hickey Street, Camac Street, Brabourne Road, Satyanarayan Park, Abanindranath Tagore Street and Dalhouise Square.


  • Hit any one of these locations and grab the iconic Puchka (a fried, crispy ball with a filling of spiced mashed potatoes), some jhal muri (seasoned rice puffs with a variety of ingredients and topped with mustard oil) or a delicious kathi roll (a wrap of unleavened bread filled with mutton kebab, bits of fried chicken, paneer cheese and fried egg).

8. Oh! Calcutta:

Oh! calcutta really gives you the delight of being a calcuttan with its savory variety of bengali delicacies. Bringing the flavours of bengal to your table, Oh! Calcutta spoils its guests with a delectable menu that surveys the many nuances of Bengal’s rich gastronomy.


  • With the ocean not far away and the region featuring many lakes and rivers, fish and seafood are a prominent highlight of Bengali cuisine, making Oh! Calcutta an especially recommended choice for fish lovers.

9. Zen:

Treat yourself to a sumptuous meal in a refined atmosphere – choose restaurant Zen for your next dine out destination when in Kolkata. This lavish, five-star hotel brings exquisite and deftly prepared pan-Asian food to the discerning palates in the city. The restaurant boasts a captivating venue dripping with oriental charm, however, adjusted to contemporary expectations.


  • The stylish ambiance, both relaxed and seductive at the same time, perfectly matches the superb food. Levels of service are also above average in comparison with most restaurants in Kolkata.

10. 6 Ballygunge Place:

Situated in a century-old bungalow, 6 Ballygunge Place is yet another great choice in Kolkata for its flavorsome variety of Bengali food. Located in an old bungalow sporting enchanting pictures of old Kolkata, 6 Ballygunge Place offers a lovely setting as a backdrop to a truly delectable Bengali meal. The menu holds something for every palate, and caters well to both vegetarians as well as meat lovers.


  • Popular choices include the kosha mangsho, a delicious, spicy curry of mutton; and the daab chingri, a dish of prawns marinaded in mustard and typically cooked inside a hollowed-out coconut.

From Persian to Bengali , Kolkata’s restaurant scene is constantly evolving. We hope you truly indulge and enjoy a good time at these above mentioned places. Kindly share with us your experiences and suggest other places that we may have missed.

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