10 types of Puchka (Waterballs) – know in just 2 minutes

The name ‘Puchka’ brings a smile on most of the people’s face. No doubt it is a mouth watering street food. Puchka is famous across India and even in some other countries too. Each city of India describes Puchka in its own language such as, Kolkatans call it ‘Puchka’, the Mumbaikars call it ‘Pani Puri’ and in Delhi it is known as ‘Gol Gappa’ and also ‘Pani Patashe’ and ‘Gup Chup’. The names may be different but the pleasure that it gives to all, is the same.


This is the actual and authentic taste. Tamarind is used in water balls since it was prepared for the very first time. It contains mashed potatoes mixed with tamarind chutney, salt and some other special spices as well. And served with the oh-so-tasty tamarind water.

2. Pizza puchka

Most of us are Pizza lovers, but the fusion of pizza with puchka is one mind blowing concept. The toppings of corn, capsicum and other bell papers and vegetables with cheese and oregano will give you the feeling that you are really eating a pizza but the idea of changing the pizza bread with Puchka is taking it to the next level.

3. Chocolate puchka

Kolkata has sheer love for Puchka. But guess what? Now you can also have Puchkas as a dessert. If you are a chocolate lover then this beautiful combination will be very attractive to you. Puchka with chocolate sauce, choco chips and Kellogs chocos(TM) is very delicious.

4. Onion puchka

It is actually almost like normal water balls but the slight difference is it has extra quantity of chopped onions in it that makes the taste very different.

5. dahi puchka

Dahi puchka or Yogurt water balls are actually well known. It is filed with plain yogurt and some sweet chutney, along with some ‘bhujia/jhuri bhaja’ sprinkled over it. These ingredients increase the taste and make the water balls tastier.

6. Chana masala puchka

They may look like your regular water balls but they do not contain that boiled mashed potatoes. Instead, they are filled with the well known Indian dish Chana masala(White Peas/Chick Peas curry). Chana masala is already in every Indian’s preferred list and when it is added to the water balls it turns out to be tastier.

7. bullet / tandoori puchka

A deep fried hollow sphere stuffed with a delicious mix of mashed potatoes and tamarind water is as much a treat to the eyes as they are to the mouth. It does not matter if you are a tourist or a resident of Kolkata, you will just fall in love with this.

8. Puchka shots

Puchka shots, a succulent delicacy which is famous all over in the parties. Puchka shots is one dish which makes its accompaniments tastier. With an overflow of flavours, Puchka shots has always been everyone’s favourite. In many places the Puchka shots are served in different ways, such as with orange juice, then some of them are served with tamarind or pudina and some others make it with vodka. It can be also made with whisky, tequila, gin or even rum!

9. Pudina puchka

Now this is not  so different but its uniqueness is, it is served with pudina water and the mashed potatoes are mixed with some pudina leaves and chutney as well.  But no matter what the type of Puchka you eat, it is always delicious in every avatar.

10. Hajma hajam

Its ingredients are same but it is served with a different kind of water which is made of Jal-Jeera(flavored cumin water). Jaljeera helps to digest faster so it is called Hajma Hajam.

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