10 Best Ways To Reduce Stress

Stress Reduce

Stress has become a common and major problem in today’s life. Many people of different ages are facing this problem. Some are aware of it and some are still unknowingly dying internally because of it every day. People should work on it and try to remain stress-free as much as possible. Stress is a feeling of being under too much pressure. Most people suffer from moderate to a high level of stress. Stress can affect people’s mental, physical, behavioural and psychological states. Anything like work pressure, difficult situations, negative thoughts etc. can cause stress. It can lead to ailments.

Here are some tips for you mentioned below about Reducing Stress.

1. Rest Yourself Time To Time 

Tiredness is another reason for experiencing stress. And in return, stress can further disrupt your sleep. So, you need to leave that stress out of your room and fall into a nice deep sleep daily. Rest your mind regularly. Because constantly thinking over anything will not help in figuring out a solution.

2. Be Social 

Spending some time on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Instagram and watching videos on Youtube may be a new way of staying away from stress. Seeing how other people are involving themselves in daily activities can be quite interesting. However, don’t overdo it by spending endless hours on social media. And if you connect with people directly, in person, then it may be more precious and beneficial for you. Stay connected with people(both online and more importantly, offline)and talk about happy thoughts.

3. Avoid Alcohol, Nicotine and Caffeine

Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine are some of the most widely consumed psychotropic drugs worldwide. The effects of nicotine administration on stress system response are well documented. Acute exposure to nicotine via smoking causes an immediate spike in cortisol (it fires up the alarm system of the body) even in habitual smokers and it can happen only within a minute. And on another hand, heavy consumption of alcohol can damage your liver and other organs.

4. Say ‘NO!’

There are many important people in your life and they might have certain expectations from you. But you cannot fulfil the expectations of every single person. It may be difficult to refuse them, you may think that will be hurt because of you. But it is impossible to fulfil all these expectations so you have to learn to say NO. Maybe that will bother the person but it will save you from stress. You might feel bad while saying No, at least the first time. Instead of that, you may use some pre-prepared phrases to let them know, like – “I am sorry but I cannot commit to this as I have other important work to do at the moment”, or “I would love to do this, but…”, or “This is not the correct time, I am in the middle of doing something, why don’t you ask me again at…?”

5. Meditate

Regular meditation helps in reducing a huge amount of stress. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce stress. What you have to do is sit straight with both feet on the floor and close both your eyes, Concentrate properly and focus your attention. Chant a mantra silently or loudly as you wish, It may be “I love my self” or “I feel at peace”. Let the stress move out gently.

6. Follow a Healthy Diet

Overeating junk-food may affect your mental as well as physical health. Having unhealthy food can upset your stomach which can be the reason of having stress. So switch to foods with sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals and protein. Eat fresh fruits and drink water at proper intervals daily. Do not let stress affect your life or health

7. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is important to combat stress. Regular exercising can improve your metabolism and build your strength. Not only physical exercise, we are talking about some other physical activities and also mental exercises. These activities can produce endorphins. It is the chemical in your brain that acts as a natural painkiller and also improves the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress.

8. Give Time To Yourself

You have to take more care of yourself. You can list the things that hurt you and start avoiding them so that they are unable to harm you again. Stay away from the person who makes you feel unsafe. Avoid people who laugh at you and get closer to those who laugh with you. Talk with someone whom you can trust. Try to avoid the things that distract you and stay focused on your goal. Just Love yourself.

9. Massage

Massage therapy is a great way of reducing stress. During this therapy, the therapist manipulates the body’s muscles and sensitive tissues to relieve pain and tension and elevates muscle relaxation and manipulates the deeper layers. If the message is done using essential and warm oils then it will be even more fruitful.

10. Laughter Therapy

Laughing is good for health. It not only reduces stress but it also improves one’s immune system and spirit on a long-term basis. It is difficult to stay anxious when you are laughing so keep laughing when you are feeling stressed. You can also watch some funny videos and shows to divert your mind.

Featured image courtesy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tree_leaf_clover/

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