10 Best Ways To Reduce Anger

Anger is usually considered the worst weakness of all. It is a negative emotion. It is characterized by antagonism towards someone or something because of the feeling that they are wrong. Sometimes anger can be good too because it can help you to release your negative feelings. It has also been noticed that sometimes people make themselves angry so that they do not have to feel the pain inside because they think that it is better to feel angry than suffer the pain. Whenever someone feels upset or is in pain, their mind will automatically decide to be angry. Here we are discussing 10 best tips for you to reduce anger.

1. Take A Deep Breath

When you are feeling angry your body will become tense. Taking deep and long breaths will help you to calm down by lowering your internal anger meter.

2. Count Down From 10

Ronald T. Potter-Efron says that “Neurological anger response lasts less than two seconds”. So counting back can convert your mind. A gap of short time is enough to reduce some anger and that can help you to think before reacting in the heat of the moment.

3. Act Opposite

Act exactly opposite. If the inner you want to scream then you should stay calm and talk softly. Smile at the painful time instead of frowning. You can empathize rather than judge. Use laughter as a medium to let out your feelings. This trick can help you.

4. Listen to Some Good Music

Singing at the top of your lungs or listening to your favorite songs or soft music can relax your mind and help you get rid of anger.

5. Try To Solve The Main Problem

Anger is produced when you are facing problems. The best way to walk away from your anger is solving the main reason behind it. Try to find out the solution. It is not anger that will help you fix the problem. You have to find out the solution to the problem and fix it. Getting angry will stop you from focusing on the solution. Give your best effort and do not get upset.

6. Take Help Of Physical Activity

You can do yoga or opt for dancing, jogging or boxing from a long-term point of view. This kind of physical activity can help you to calm down and be more in control of your emotions. While doing these things concentrate on that only. Remove your mind from other things.

7. Try To Relax Nerves 

If you are feeling mad at someone or something then you have to just stand still, close your eyes and feel the tension in your body before deciding to let it go. Take a deep breath. Relax your mind, arms, neck, feet, back, hands and other body parts. Think that you are free and there is nothing annoying.

8. Beating Up Your Pillow Will Not Help

It is known as a common reaction. Many people beat up their pillow, wall or the target of anger for releasing the pent-up emotions but that will not help. Rather this will end up increasing your hostility. Do not try this myth ever, it will not help you.

9. Write It In A Personal Diary

The act of writing will lighten the load of your anger. Researches have shown that when a person is angry their blood pressure, heart rate and muscle-tension spike. Now if the stressed out person imagines about that particular situation or person and tries to forgive them or expresses their own feelings then that will be a little bit relaxing. You can write about that situation in your personal diary or you can write a letter or type a message about it. You can express your feelings and emotions there. You do not even have to send it. Just writing can help you reduce a lot of your anger.

10. Relax

You can employ various relaxation techniques or meditate for centering yourself. This kind of activity will help you calm down and be more in control of your emotions. While doing these concentrate solely on the activity. Remove your mind from other things.

Feature Image Courtesy: Tatiana T

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