Travel India: 10 Travel Tips for Hyderabad

Charminar, Hyderabad

Image courtesy: Harold Brown

Hyderabad is a well-known city in South India. Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana state. This city is situated along the banks of the Musi river. This city is a well developed commercial centre. Hyderabad city has also emerged as one of the important IT hubs in India. The city is a very good destination for tourists. There are wonderful lakes, beautiful gardens and various other spots to visit. Also, the cuisine of this city is popular in India, so people even enjoy some of the nice dishes in Hyderabad. However, there are certain things to be remembered while travelling to Hyderabad, which can make your travel safe. Let us check some of the 10 travel tips for Hyderabad:

1. Carrying Necessary Documents

Travelling in Hyderabad is very enthusiastic. However, there are some occasional checks conducted in Hyderabad, which may lead to trouble for travellers if they are not carrying their identification documents with them. So, carrying along one of the necessary identity proofs like Pan Card, Adhar Card, Passport or Driving License will definitely help in addressing this matter.


  • Hyderabad is relatively a safe city to travel and carrying an identity proof is also an advisable step
  • Pan Card is the best ID proof

2. Weather Analysis

The weather of Hyderabad is very good. Mostly the climate here is hot in summers and cold in winters. However, in the rainy season, there may be rains ranging from low to high intensity. So, the tourists visiting Hyderabad must make themselves aware of the weather conditions prevailing those days. A tourist should take the necessary precautions accordingly. Carrying an umbrella’s in the rainy season is always good, as rains are very unpredictable anywhere.


  • Sometimes in the rainy season the city experience a very high amoungt of rain
  • In summer season the temperature rises considerabaly. So all necessary precautions should be taken for summer season as well

3. Consulting A Reliable Travel Guide

Hyderabad is a comparatively large city. Many people who do not have any idea of this city may find it difficult to travel in Hyderabad. So a proper travel guide is necessary who can give proper guidance for travelling in and around Hyderabad. Also, there are many complicated roads, which can lead to various problems. A travel guide will also tell of all the enjoyable activities that can be done in Hyderabad.


  • There are many travel guides who overcharge the tourists, so choose a proper travel guide
  • The city can be easily travelled with a travel guide

4. Respect Local Culture

The Hyderabad culture is very rich and is adhered to very sincerely by the people there. The people of Hyderabad take great pride in their culture. Celebrations of Ganesh festival, Id, Diwali and Christmas are done in their peculiar style. Also, there are some traditions which are highly prestigious for the people there. All these matters should be respected appropriately.


  • The culture of Hyderabad is followed in most parts of Talangana and Andhra Pradesh
  • The Hyderabadi culture is depicted in many Tollywood movies

5. Knowing A Little Bit Of Telugu Language

The language Telugu is spoken mostly in the city of Hyderabad. Telugu stands out to be the third most spoken language in India. The travellers coming from the outside face the problem of this language barrier, as most of the people speak Telugu. Also, the Hindi language is spoken only by a few people only. Also, the boards and signs are in the Telugu language. So knowing a little Telugu will help greatly.


  • Telugu is one of the Dravidian family languages
  • Apart from Telugu, the other most spoken language is Urdu

6.Protecting Valuables

There are thieves in the Hyderabad city, who steal from the new travellers. So, while travelling always be alert regarding these people who are very dangerous. Always keep your valuables in a way so that they cannot be seen easily and hence cannot be stolen. Also, never let any stranger know regarding the valuables you have with you.


  • There were some cases reported where new traveler’s valuable were stolen
  • The city is not very dangerous however a little alertness is necessary

7. Not Polluting The Place

Hyderabad happens to be one of the very clean cities in India. So, while travelling to Hyderabad, a person should always take care that the cleanliness of the city is maintained. Do not throw waste materials or any other garbage openly anywhere, please make an effort to throw it in a dustbin. Also, spitting anywhere is not appreciated in Hyderabad.


  • Hyderabad has a nice sense of cleanliness when compared to the other cities
  • The people of Hyderbad never like polluting their city

8. Knowledge of Public Transport

In Hyderabad, the most used ways of transportation are roads and railways. So, having proper knowledge of public transport will make the task of travelling in Hyderabad very easy. Buses are the best mode of transportation for short distance travel. While travelling using the railways, the places near the station should be considered, to get to the destination.


  • The frequency of the buses is very good in Hyderabad
  • The stations like Secunderabad, Nampally, Begumpet and a few more stations are very famous

9. Do Not Let Vendors Overcharge You

While travelling to  Hyderabad, one must have a rough idea regarding the charges in Hyderabad. The autos, private transport and some of the other services may try to overcharge the person visiting from outside. So please take care that you do not pay the extra charge for anything. Your money is valuable, so do pay the exact charges only.


  • The autos drivers frequently overcharge the new visitors
  • Also, while shopping the possibilities of overcharging are also there

10. Eat Proper Food

In Hyderabad, you will get most of the South Indian dishes restaurants. So, if anybody likes South Indian dishes then its great, otherwise one needs to find other alternatives. Consuming proper food is advisable. However, it would be worthy to appreciate the taste of South Indian dishes.


  • South Indian dishes are available in most of the major cities in India
  • The other dishes in Hyderabad are also very tasty

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