Travel India: 10 Best Biryani Joints in Hyderabad


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Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana state and also an important commercial center in South India. Many of the new businesses and companies have set shop in Hyderabad. Many of the local dishes are cherished by many people. However, one dish, which is Hyderabadi Biryani, has always been eaten by most of the people of Hyderabad. This dish is also well-known across India and loved by one and all. Biryani joints can be seen in different parts of the Hyderabad. However, there are some top biryani joints in Hyderabad which are visited by many people.

Let us now see the 10 best biryani joints in Hyderabad:

1. Cafe Bahar, Basheerbagh

Cafe Bahar is a well-known biryani joint in Hyderabad. Many people visit this place to enjoy some good times with delicious dishes. The chicken biryani and egg biryani are the most eaten food items here. Along with that one can also get a variation of the fish biryani. The food served here is nice, people from different places visit this restaurant.


  • The opening hours of this hotel are between 11 am to 1 am
  • The name of Cafe Bahar is also mentioned in “Legendary Outlet” and ” Brilliant Biryanis” in leading publications

2. Hotel Shadab

Hotel Shadab in Hyderabad is located in the Madina region. The Hotel serves one of the best biryanis in Hyderabad. People come from long distances in Hyderabad to eat at Shadab. The chicken biryani and the egg biryani are the specialty of Shadab hotel. This hotel has won the many awards for it delicious food.


  • In 2010, it won the Best Haleem award for ” Times Biryani and Haleem Contest”
  • The opening hours of this hotel are between 12 noon to 1am

3. Shah Ghouse, Tolichowki

Shah Ghouse cafe is a popular Hyderabadi joint situated in Tolichowki in Hyderabad. The dishes like egg biryani, chicken biryani attract many people to this outlet. Apart from that many customers also like the Irani tea served here. Many of the special occasions like birthdays etc are celebrated here.


  • The prices of the food in Shah Ghouse cafe are very affordable
  • Many people admit that the taste and flovor of the Irani tea has not change in the last 30 to 40 years

4. Hotel Sohail

Hotel Sohail is another joint in Hyderabad, which offers some wonderful biryani. The chicken biryani and egg biryani have a very attractive aroma, which pulls many food lovers to this hotel. The quantity of the food served here is very large, which can literally quench the appetite of any person.


  • The opening hours of this hotel are between 12 pm to 11pm
  • Both cash payments and online payments are accepted here

5. Kabul Darbar, Lakdikapul

Kabul Darbar Hotel is another nice hotel situated in Lakdikapul area.  This hotel serves some of the best egg biryani and chicken biryani, which has an awesome taste. Different fish dishes have also attracted many people to this hotel. Many people are regular and weekly visitors to this hotel.


  • The opening hours of this hotel are betweem 12 noon to 12 midnight
  • The afgani naan is also liked by many people here

6. Paradise, Secunderabad

The Paradise hotel which is located in Secunderabad is a very popular hotel, especially for its biryani. This biryani hotel is always flooded with lots of customers any time. The biryani here is mouth-watering, making customers go ecstatic with joy. Apart from biryani, the hotel also serves many other Hyderabadi dishes.


  • Paradise hotel was extablished in the year 1953, where only tea and snacks used to be served initially
  • In the year 2012, it won the ‘Best Biryani’ award from Times of India

7. Sarvi restaurant, Banjara Hills

Sarvi Restaurant, which is located in Banjara Hills is another amazing hotel, which serves very good biryani. The aroma of biryani can be easily felt even at the doorsteps of the hotel, whetting the appetite of the customers coming here. Hyderabadi biryani is very popular here and many other biryani varieties are also available here.


  • Compared to other biryani hotels, this hotel opens a little early at 8 am and closes at 12 midnight
  • The desserts and cakes are also very delicious in this hotel

8. Shahi Dastarkhwan, LakdiKaPul

Shahi Dastarkhwan hotel is situated at Lakdipul in Hyderabad. Delicious biryani equipped with a beautiful presentation is the specialty of this hotel. The customers literally have to wait long for entering this restaurant, which can always be seen flooded with people. The biryani’s taste at this hotel is really awesome and different from other hotels.


  • The opening hours of this hotel are between 12 pm to 11.30 pm
  • People from all over Hyderabad visit this place to have a taste of their biryani

9. Abhiruchi, Madhapur

The hotel Abhiruchi has recently got popular due to its variety of dishes with delicious taste being served here. The biryani dishes served here have been appreciated by many people and the  number of customers visiting this hotel has increased considerably. Biryani is the popular dish here, also some of the deserts and ice creams are the other main draw.


  • Compared to other hotels, the opening hours are limited from 12 pm to 3.30 pm and 6 to 10.30 pm
  • The “Prawn Biryani” is another variety found in this hotel

10. Alpha Hotel, Secunderabad

The Alpha Hotel is a well-known hotel, situated in Secunderabad. The egg biryani and chicken biryani served in this hotel are of excellent quality. People in hyderabad come from long distances here to have a taste of their biryani. The other dishes served in this hotel are also equally liked by the people.


  • The opening hours of this hotel are between 5 am to 12 midnight
  • The cost of the different food items is comparatively low here

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