Travel India: 10 Travel Tips for Kerala

Beauty Of Kerala

Image Courtesy: Vinoth Chandar

Located at the Southern end of the country, Kerala is one of the most peaceful states in India. Kerala is currently ranked as the state with the highest literacy rate. The serene and picturesque landscapes of the state make it a favorite among tourists.

1. Weather

Kerala’s climate is pleasant and does not drastically fluctuate. It is advised that you pack light clothes and do not over stuff your luggage. The geographical location has an impact on the weather that is not too hot or too cold.


  • March records the highest average temperature in the year at 29°C
  • Munnar and Thekkady are colder in comparison to other cities

2. Plan your Flight

Do not worry if you can’t find a flight directly to Cochin, look for a flight to Trivandrum or even Calicut. It will be easier to find cabs that take you to Cochin without having to spend a lot or disturbing your precious holiday plan on the journey.


3. Plan your Trains

Another travel-related tip, you will not find a train that has ‘Cochin Railway Station’ written as its destination. The railway station of Cochin is known as Ernakulam Railway Station. This would be useful for tourists who are on a tour to South India.


4. Driving in Kerala

While driving in India, there are several things to keep in mind. The most important of them of all is your safety. Always put your seat belt on. Traffic in Kerala is another problem that you have to plan ahead for.


  • A majority of the cars in India are right-hand driven
  • Rental Cars

5. Safety of your Belongings

A major portion of the travel is done in the city area, there is every chance that you might encounter a few unfavorable incidents. For women, it is advised not to carry their valuables in handbags or wear really expensive jewelry.


  • Gold ornaments and jewelry can be avoided
  • In crowded places, have a strong grip on your belongings

6. Credit, not Cash

Avoid carrying a lump sum amount in your wallet. For minor bills, keep small cash just to get you the basic things. There are ATM’s at every corner that will help you get around while keeping all transactions secure.


7. Safe Water(s)

Carry a bottle of mineral water that is RO and UV purified to avoid the risk of water contamination and allergic reactions. At all times, avoid drinking tap water, as it is not suitable for drinking purposes. Many food joints offer bottled water as an option.


  • Aquafina, Kinley packaged drinking water is recommended
  • Avoid the packaged bottles that have their seal broken or damaged

8. When in Public

There are separate areas for smoking. Public consumption of alcohol is prohibited and will be taken seriously by the Law and Order personnel. Nudity, in any form, is also taken seriously by the Indian Law.


9. Health

The roads in Kerala aren’t always maintained in their best conditions. Traveling in a car or a bus to scenic routes might get you nauseated. Discuss with your driver and request him to drive carefully and stop wherever necessary.


10. Dealing with Jet Lag

Jet lag is common for all international passengers and tourists. With a time shift, it is recommended that international passengers arrive a day before their destined travel plans to get good night’s sleep to enjoy their trip to the maximum extent.


Kerala is a beautiful place that features on every itinerary for South India Travel. By making yourself aware of the difficulties one might face while traveling, you can make the most out of your trip to Kerala.

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