Travel India: 10 Best Souvenirs to Buy in Kerala

vishnu moorthy (theyyam = daivam = God) | വിഷ്ണുമൂര്ത്തി (തെയ്യം - ദൈവം)

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Memories are very powerful, especially when they are associated to something beautiful. Kerala is a land to make memories and live all your fantasies. You can take these memories home to relive them anytime in the form of souvenirs. These are tokens of remembrance that have sentimental value to a tourist.

1. Coconut Shell Handicrafts

Coconuts are abundant in Kerala and is often a part of its culture and traditions. Even the coconut’s shell, one component that is disregarded by most, is used by artisans to produce amazing articles that find application in the daily life. Moreover, all these coconut products are eco-friendly and bio-degradable.


  • Kerala translates to ‘land of coconuts’
  • Coconut shell handicrafts require precision and practice

2. Nettipattam

Use to embellish the elephants of the state, the ornament known as the Nettipattam is the perfect souvenir. Not only does it have a vast legacy and historical significance, it is also one of the forms of it available on the planet.


3. Elephant  Figurines

With its state animal being the elephant, most of its culture and traditions revolve around the animal. Including souvenirs like figurines that are perfect replicas and serve as memoirs of a beautiful place. Several handicraft stores in Kerala sell Elephant figurines.


4. Coir–pu3-xEBNwgtO7G9IhWIO3hfJgDySYzn-xOyHvtCL-UlF8d70gDAcbRu7yCpIeB5DyD7SvcwOMg-We1xNiNToBhe8GimQNz-XSe-eA8IFaHLUoByOM67Tp-EEcTaN_Ou9Gdtc3fl43KTNLxz3vHWVjzCF04rb6JiGAFaB-Usoc0oEmohtTk9KgXEF6v2wfiR1F9tAzJqNGTSgxWLaw0Ad7YzjBIuZTdpCvpYZfQtuQ&theater

Coir originates from one of Kerala’s favorite item, yes, you guessed it right, its coconut. Made from extensive processing of coconut fiber, the durable coir is used primarily for doormats and products in the similar genre and is very popular because of its premier quality.


  • Every year since 2010, an annual coir fair is conducted in Kerala where coir products are sold
  • Coir fair- Kerala

5. Kasavu Sari

From one Kerala popular item to another, the Kasavu sari is one important piece of clothing that features in every woman’s wardrobe. Fit for special occasions, the finest cotton along with gold and copper lining is used for weaving this sari.


  • Also worn for weddings, the sari has thick wide gold border and features a similar blouse.
  • Kasavukada

6. Nettoor Petti–UmiHp7TY6C-rT-SnCtl3qN4BnKnfLpaE3sSrIev-UF5XINjD2PHdmDPg.1052958038059155.450584521780443.1063485167006442.1479038375647648.321275844645133.643669268983311/321275844645133/?type=1&opaqueCursor=AbofVcbe4Xw4jIb3T69-fY459viCiRzlD8zvYpQgkMBxFpWhdPRMSj1O5CmJyA_Am5Ju3Rai-NhB2dVWiLscQxAPmdMPHXlVICV15JDRDcqS7GwZUo5QnSuuvDc63t4vFlHheKDDqX6Nm6NqwNPEX951DDB8tj-G5pl9JmWb_zxWhmLc96uOrdoacL-WZzF1d1LnaUq48uVml9JQNpHJxrHUASH-b0Eid-B6mkYfoS0lVxSwLxCvpNc8f-jQPjAwwKc_dM44pdti4DErmI2RwLtUxhHo8hO5gnfzyBeZEtNXcXDfRklWCgBCHGbNskny1LEKoSc9vOBuoqSFvWb_8V0kAn2Mr1k6tZGqblmosOcwovxWYBYKAC5GORdfxykml6pY9UIvsuRxsXiaQEO9XI8m58GFh1iNDM0gcD2WrLhjNnzLym1lLI2hPPdlCUclVFZmtnJkoU5mlh9wXwRIrCiM&theater

The Nettoor Petti also referred to as the Nettur casket is an ancient jewelry box fit for handicrafts. Traditionally, teak and brass are used alongside ornaments to decorate the box. Only a few handicraft stores sell the authentic variety of the casket.


7. Mural Paintings

Temple paintings from the land of Kerala are famous among tourists and travelers. These paintings depict deep mythology of unspoken legends that belonged to the historic era. The art is visually appealing and has dedicated components. They are now available in handicraft shops.


8. To spice things up

This is a perfect souvenir to take back if you’re a chef. A bowl of the most famous Kerala spices features cloves, black pepper, dried ginger, cardamom, etc. that are set to enhance the taste of every food you make. These are available as assorted spices as well as individual sachets.


9. Aranmula Kannadi

One souvenir you’ll only find in Kerala is the Aranmula Kannadi. It is a mirror made from a particular spiritually significant alloy that isn’t the conventionally used silvered glass. The owner of this mirror is said to have great prosperity and is one of the must-buy items from Kerala.


10. Kathakali Masks

Masks are one among the most popular handicraft items sold in Kerala, especially among practitioners of dance forms like Kathakali. The materials used to create these detailed adaptation of certain facial features and expressions are either wood or metal along with natural extracts like sap to paint them and give a perfect shine to it.


  • Masks for other dance forms like Theyyam are also available
  • Kathakali Masks

Most of the souvenirs mentioned here are available online as well as in handicraft stores in Kerala. You can take these back home as memoirs of the great land of Kerala.

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