Travel India: 10 Things to Avoid in Chennai

Bull riding village, Jallikattu

Image courtesy: Manu Manohar

Chennai is one of the most important cities situated in South India and is one of the main commercial centers there as well. Recently, Chennai has become an important IT hub in South India. Lonely Planet has ranked Chennai as the 9th best cosmopolitan city in the world. The wonderful environment and clean climate have attracted many of the health tourists here. Different categories of tourists do visit Chennai from all parts of the world; however, while traveling in Chennai, it is very essential to avoid certain things, otherwise, it may land you in some sort of complications. So, let’s see the 10 things to avoid in Chennai:

1. Keeping wallets in back pocket

There are places that are safe enough to travel freely; however, there are still some, which are not safe for you. There are pickpockets in some areas who are constantly in the prowl. The wallet should not be kept in the back pocket and is sometimes unsafe. So, the only solution to this is keeping the wallet in the front side of your pocket.


  • There are some of the tourists which had experienced the stealing of their wallets in some areas in Chennai
  • Many places in Chennai are really safe enough to travel

2. Visiting unknown places alone

Some of the places in Chennai are a little tricky, the newcomer can easily lose its way if they are not alert. So, it is recommended that travelers should not travel alone in the areas which they are not familiar with, or they may get lost. Also, some of the areas are not safe for tourists.


  • Some of the markets in Chennai are having a little confusing roads which is difficult to remember for a new person
  • The language barrier is another problem for a lonely traveler

3. Not carrying the proper id proofs

When you are traveling in Chennai, you may face occasional check-ups from local law and order authorities. These check-ups are usually due to security reasons. If you do not have the necessary id proof, then you may have to face problems. Any of the id proof like Pan card, Aadhar card, Driving License, etc. can work out for you, so please keep them handy.


  • Some of the tourists in Chennai had experienced occasional check ups
  • Carrying the id proofs can easily minimize many problems on certain occasions

4. Disrespecting the local language

Most of the Tamil people do not know Hindi language, they speak mostly in Tamil. They are very proud of their language. So, while traveling, never in any way disrespect the local language by imitating wrongly. If you do not know Tamil language, it is not a problem as a lot of the population speak in English and in no way should you show any disrespect towards the local language.


  • Tamil language is the most spoken language in Chennai and Tamil Nadu
  • It is very difficult for non-Tamilian to understand this language

5. Eating in any restaurant

When in Chennai, it is not simple to go and eat in any unknown restaurants as most of the restaurants in Chennai sell typical South Indian food. Also, major food items found here are idli, dosa, sambar, etc. which is liked by many people in Chennai. Some travelers may not like frequently eating South Indian dishes. So, knowledge of the proper restaurants where a variety of cuisines are served should be kept.


  • The South Indian dishes like Idli, Dosa, Uttapa, and many more South Indian dishes are available in most of the parts of India
  • There are plenty of different restaurants in the Chennai city

6. Polluting the beaches

The beaches in Chennai are one of the favorite destinations of the tourists visiting here. The soothing beaches give a very calming experience for the people visiting here. The beaches are very clean and very less dirty. Nobody will like polluting these beaches, so avoid polluting these beaches and have a wonderful experience with these beautiful beaches.


  • Several regulations are led down on the different beaches in the Chennai
  • Marina beach is the most popular beach in the Chennai

7. Talking badly about Tollywood actors

The people of Chennai are great fans of the Tamil movies. The craze for Tollywood is such that the movies of great actors are always houseful in the first month after release. Tamil people greatly admire and respect the Tollywood actors like Rajnkanth, Kamal Hasan, etc. Any outsider saying anything bad about these actors will not be tolerated by the local people.


  • “Rajnikanth” is the most celebrated and respected actor in the Chennai
  • One needs to have advance booking to watch the new movies of popular actors

8. Going out without umbrella

The weather in Chennai is very hot during the summer season, compared to other parts of India. So, it is always recommended that tourists always carry an umbrella to protect themselves from the severe heat. Also, carrying the umbrellas in the rainy season can protect them from the heavy rains as well. People of Chennai regularly use the umbrellas.


  • The temperature in Chennai also goes beyond 40 degree in the summer season
  • There are many of the shops which offers the umbrellas in Chennai

9. Going out without water bottle

Chennai, being a very hot place in South India, the temperature here is always high. Due to high temperatures, there is a need for more amount of water. So, the new travelers should always carry a water bottle along with them. Taking a water bottle will surely ensure a safe and nice trip in Chennai.


  • The temperature in summer goes beyond 40 degree in Chennai
  • The availability of water is less in some regions of Chennai

10. Asking for help from strangers

When you are in Chennai, do avoid taking help from strangers. Some of the tourists had a bad experience when they tried taking help from the strangers and they ended up getting cheated. There are fraudulent people who come in the guise of helping and rob you instead. So, avoid taking help from an unknown person for safety purposes.


  • Some of the tourist had faced fraudulence , while taking help from an unknown person
  • It is always better one takes a known person to travel in Chennai

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