Travel India: 10 Travel Tips for Chennai

Chennai Central Station panorama

Image courtesy: PlaneMad

Chennai is one of the main cities of India. It is the capital of Tamil Nadu and an important commercial center of South India. Chennai is also rich in classical music and classical dance. Bharatnatyam, which is one of the classical dance forms is predominant in Chennai. Many tourists visit Chennai for tourism purposes. However, while traveling, it is very necessary that one should follow certain tips which will ensure the sophisticated traveling in Chennai. These tips have helped many of the travelers visiting Chennai. Let us now see 10 travel tips for Chennai:

1. Weather

Chennai is a beautiful place to travel in. However, while traveling one must be well-acquainted with the weather of Chennai. Usually, the climate is hot and humid in normal days. One can expect rainfall of low to a high level in the city during the rainy season. People traveling in Chennai should be well prepared for any type of weather by taking caps and umbrellas, whichever is necessary.


  • In the month of November and December, the Chennai city receives rains and sometimes cyclone is experienced of low level
  • The weather information can be taken form  local newspaper or related websites there

2. Respect local culture

Chennai is rich in culture. Classical music and dance are well-appreciated here. The local people of Chennai have great respect for culture here. So, travelers should also respect the local culture and appreciate the sentiments of the people here. The famous classical dance like Bharatnatyam is played on many occasions in Chennai.


  • People are also big fan of the movies in Chennai.
  • The Chennai people do follow their culture thoroughly in whichever part of the world they go.

3. Consulting reliable travel guide

Chennai is a nice place for traveling. However, only the person knowing the place thoroughly can get the maximum satisfaction of traveling here. So, if anybody is not having a proper idea of Chennai, then hiring a travel guide is advisable. The travel guide can help you to travel properly in Chennai. The language barrier problems can also be easily solved by the travel guide.


  • There are many of the options for the proper travel guide in the Chennai.
  • Always refer a proper authorized travel guide, because there are many of the thug travel guides in Chennai.

4. Researching the hotels and type of food

Most of the Chennai hotels serve South Indian dishes like Idli Sambhar, Dosa, Medu wada, etc. Though these dishes are delicious, sometimes, the travelers may like to have some other dishes. On these occasions, the travelers may sometimes find searching such hotels difficult. So, the travelers should get a proper idea regarding the hotels and type of food served there.


  • Earlier, most of the Chennai hotels were flooded with the South Indian dishes. However, now one can get many options for the food here
  • The dishes of Chennai hotels are really very delicious

5. Carry Id proofs

While traveling in Chennai, it is recommended that travelers should carry their identity proofs. There are occasional check-ups in Chennai, from the security point of view. So, proper identity proof can easily minimize such problems. Chennai is a beautiful place to travel in.


  • Many of the tourist do visit this place from various parts of the world.
  • The Indian people can also carry their pan cards in the Chennai

6. Carrying mineral water

Many people have a problem with water, whenever they visit a new place. Some people may find other places’ water tasteless and they may not be able to quench their thirst. So, it is very necessary that the travelers should carry the necessary mineral water with them. This will ensure a delightful journey in Chennai.


  • The mineral water is available is plenty in the Chennai city
  • People like the coconut water most in the Chennai

7. People knowing Hindi language are very less

One of the most problematic things that travelers from other states coming in Chennai face is regarding the language barrier. There are very few people and few signboards in Chennai written in Hindi language. Mostly, the language spoken in this city is Tamil. So, people should avoid things which would lead to problems. However, Tamil is a sweet language that is likable.


  • Apart from Tamil the most spoken language in Chennai is English
  • Due to development of IT industries recently here, the number of Hindi speaker are increasing

8. Protect you pocket

While traveling in Chennai, one needs to be aware of pick-pocketing. Many people have lost their valuable things due to negligence. There are some areas in Chennai where the chances of pick-pocketing are high. In heavy crowded areas, one should avoid keeping the wallets in the back pocket. The wallet should be protected properly.


  • Sometimes some of the well dressed people also are the pick pocketers, so beware of them
  • Do not keep important cards in the pocket

9. Do not pollute the beaches

The beaches in Chennai are very attractive. The travelers visit the maximum beaches in Chennai. As these beaches are very clean and calm, most people derive great pleasure visiting these beaches. The small kids have the most joyful time on these beaches. Polluting such beaches is never accepted in Chennai, so, one must avoid polluting the beaches.


  • Marina beach is the most popular beach in the Chennai
  • The beaches in Chennai are very soothing

10. Transportation

The travelers in Chennai should know about the transportation facilities in Chennai. Buses are the main system of public transportation. Apart from that, autos are also another way of public transportation. Nowadays, private cars are convenient for transportation. Also, one should be aware of the roads where traffic problems may arise.


  • Many of the people prefer public transportation for the short distance travel
  • The private transportation is relatively cheaper in here

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